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Keeping Your PMI Certification Active
Stay Up-to-date with Evolving Healthcare Trends

Every year, medical office professionals must adjust to changes in coding, reimbursement and compliance processes and refresh their skills to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving healthcare trends and best practices of the business of medicine. Keeping your certification active requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education.

    Verify Your Certification Status
    PMI credentials remain current for at least one year following an exam date. The expiration date of a certificate is listed in the exam result notification letter that is sent with the certificate and appears on the certification wallet card that may be viewed and printed on our website at:

    Earn CEUs
    To maintain active certification, a graduate must renew his/her PMI credential annually. Practice Management Institute® requires all its graduates to complete Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to maintain active certification(s). Each CEU earned is the equivalent of one hour of continuing education.

    Renew Certification Online
    The renewal fee is $75. If you have more than one PMI certification, the renewal fee is $50 for the second certification, and $25 for the third and fourth certifications when recertifying within the same calendar year. Therefore, if you renew four certifications in the same calendar year, the recertification fee is $175.

    Update Your Information
    Update your contact information with PMI whenever it changes to ensure uninterrupted communication with PMI regarding your certification and the renewal requirements.

Certified Medical Coder
Certified Medical Insurance Specialist
Certified Medical Office Manager
Certified Medical Compliance Officer
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