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Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Learning Center


Practice Management Institute is the training, networking and credentialing source for Medical Office Professionals across the U.S. for over 30 years. Since 1991, the Dallas Learning Center has served the Metroplex and surrounding areas in conjunction with Texas Health Resources, with training to address the business side of medicine.

For more information on upcoming classes, or to find out about how to bring PMI training to you, please contact our office at 800-259-5562 or 210-691-8900. HOME | Curriculum | Locate a Class | Online Training Center | Discussion Forum | Sitemap | Policies | Contact Us!
Practice Management Institute®
8242 Vicar Dr., San Antonio, TX 78218
tel: 1-800-259-5562 | fax: (210) 691-8972

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More than 20,300 PMI Certifications have been earned to date.

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