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Live Webinar Training

Participate in live training on your computer or device. All sessions are taught by practice management experts. Multi-session courses include online workbook materials. Certification courses include a physical course manual and proctored exam. Review details links for more information on specific topics.

We've hand picked a selection of videos that cover topics tailored to Medical Office Managers
Past complimentary webinars

6/3/2020  - CT
Presented by Maxine Collins
6/4/2020  - CT
Presented by Jan Hailey
6/23/2020  - CT
Presented by Sharon Turner
7/9/2020  - CT
Presented by Jimmie Hebert
7/18/2020  - CT
Presented by Deborah McNeilance
7/28/2020  - CT
Presented by Maxine Collins
9/10/2020  - CT
Presented by Libby Purser
9/14/2020  - CT
Presented by Linda D'Spain
9/15/2020  - CT
Presented by Debbie Forde

Benefits of Participating in Practice Management Institute's Webinar Training

Participate right from your office - no travel time or expenses!

Speakers break for Q&A sessions - so you can get answers to your specific questions!

Expert presenters
Ensure you get top-quality and authoritative guidance.

PMIMD Total access

Total Access is convenient, inexpensive way to train your staff and earn CEUs. Get instant access to dozens of topics on demand.

No need to attend a live class.

Each training includes a CEU quiz. $249/month includes access for everyone in your office to participate in live webinars (one dial-in line per purchase) and get access to a library of dozens of topics available on demand - more thatn 300 hours of content. Learn more.