Webinar FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my line disconnects?

If your call disconnects for any reason, simply redial the conference line and enter the activation code to resume participation.

2. What if I need to step away from the phone?

If you are called away for a brief time during the call, simply mute the line (do not place the call on hold) or walk away from the phone. If you must disconnect the call, you may rejoin the call in progress.

3. Will participants be permitted to ask the speaker questions?

Each session includes a question and answer period.

4. Can our office staff earn CEUs if we all participate via Speakerphone?

Yes! CEUs are awarded to PMI-certified professionals (CMC, CMIS, CMOM). CMC and CMIS may earn CEUs only for Audio Conferences/Webinars that contain coding or billing-related instruction. A 90 minute Webinar or Audio Conference equals 1.5 CEUs.

Contact PMI at 800-259-5562 or email: info@pmiMD.com for additional information.