About Paulette

Paulette Saca

Paulette has worked in the medical field 40+ years in both clinical and non-clinical capacities. For the past seven years, Paulette has led a large physician health organization based in Edinburg, TX, where she has grown the membership to more than 600 providers. She is a strong believer in education, and says that offering training resources has been the secret of the PHO’s success.

Paulette handles payor contracts and works closely with her medical community to support them and provide opportunities for growth via PMI webinars, courses and certifications for practice managers and their administrative staff. She has served on various clinical and business committees throughout her employment. 

Early in her career, after becoming an RN, she worked as a Charge Nurse on medical-surgical units and obstetrics at a community hospital. There, she took on an administrative role as the Infection Control Nurse and then as the Assistant Director of Nursing.  Later, when HCA came to town, she worked as Director of the first satellite clinic for women out in the community; this location concentrated on wellness and community education and was so successful that it was cloned by competing health systems.

Paulette learned the ropes of practice administration, and took on the role of practice administrator at her husband’s medical practice.  After her husband’s untimely death at 43, Paulette began consulting with a group of physicians and business leaders in the community in taking a Day Surgery to the next level.  For the last twenty years, she has continued to work at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System and as a practice management consultant.