About Adelaida

Adelaida Samuels

Addie has more than 15 years of experience in health care. She has extensive knowledge of coding and billing, which ranges from outpatient, inpatient, skilled nursing facility, consumer-directed assistant programs and coding audits. In her current role as Director of AR & HIM, she oversees a staff of 15, where she has decreased AR by $3.5M and had subsequent receipts of $7M in one year.

Addie is also founder and president of Medical Billing & Consulting Solutions. MBCS mission is to help providers increase the financial health of the practice so that they can focus on excellent patient care. Her goal is the help individuals enter and successfully navigate the medical billing and coding space.

As an educator, Addie provides clear direction and seeks to remove student obstacles so they can learn and reach their goals. She has received awards from the Health Care Business Academy in 2018, and “Above and Beyond” Award, in 2012.