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Design Thinking in Healthcare

About this program

Design thinking has been used in a variety of professional fields for many years, but only more recently has been adopted by the healthcare industry. Health systems like Johns Hopkins are now utilizing this empathy-driven process and are seeing results with improved patient experiences. The benefits can be significant and ongoing. Empathy in the design thinking process signifies viewing the world through the lens of the "users."

Join two highly experienced Practice Administrators - and Certified Medical Office Managers (CMOMs) - for this session and learn about the five-step process of Design Thinking. Gain insights into the potential benefits of this process as the presenters explain the key elements of design thinking to provide you with an opportunity to explore the strategy. Links and resources will be provided to help you conduct further research on how the process is successfully executed.

Benefit from those who have already gone through it! Speaking from experience, Bettinna and Jason will identify how the Design Thinking process can lead to breakthroughs and offer solutions to ongoing challenges. Attend this session to better understand this innovative process and the positive impact it has had on healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. After the conclusion of this program, you will be better equipped to traverse this experience with empathy for your team, your patients, and any other “users” you may identify.


  • The 5 steps of Design Thinking
  • How to create a user statement
  • Creating an environment of teamwork
  • Feedback and testing on uses