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About this program

Back by popular demand – join us for this rebroadcast of a PMI favorite.

Don't waste time and money on unnecessary appeals. Prevent coding and billing errors in the first place by mastering the use of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) tools. Attend this session to learn the who, what, when and why of the NCCI. Gain insight into how the NCCI affects medical coding and provider reimbursement.

Learn how to navigate the tables to correctly assign CPT codes and modifiers with ease. Understand when to use the KX modifier. Look up procedure to procedure (PTP) code pair edits and take medically unlikely edits (MUES) into account. Know the meaning of modifier indicator (1) on the PTP Edit tables, including the parameters that must be met to assign a modifier.

Understand the rationales behind the edits in the NCCI Policy Manual and stay informed of quarterly updates to the edits. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure you are coding correctly.


  • How to use the NCCI Tools
  • Examine chapter excerpts
  • Review general and section specific policy examples
  • Bonus review of appeals process