Live Webinar Training

Live Webinars

The live webinar format offers the convenience of learning wherever you are located. Participants receive a physical copy of the full course manual and are invited to join the series of live 90-minute webinars classes. Online streaming of the recorded sessions will be accessible via the PMI Portal in the Online Training Center on the next business day.

Students are encouraged to chat questions during the live classes and may contact PMI (800.259.5562 x0) to request to schedule a one-on-one phone appointment with an instructor for additional support when needed. Once the course is complete, students must submit an online Exam Request Form to make arrangements to sit for the certification exam, proctored live in a nearby community.

There are no preset exam dates and PMI makes every effort to accommodate the preferred exam date of the student. The certification exam must be taken within one year from the start date of the webinar series to avoid paying an additional fee.

Certification CMC

Certified Medical Coder

Webinar series begins on 09/21/2019 and completes on 12/21/2019. Each of the 12 sessions is scheduled from 11:00-12:30.

Certification CMOM

Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)

Webinar series begins on 09/16/2019 and completes on 11/18/2019. Each of the 10 sessions is scheduled from 06:00-07:30.

Certification CMIS

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS)

No live webinar series scheduled at this time.

Certification CMCO

Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO)

No live webinar series scheduled at this time.

Online Training Center

Certified Medical Chart Auditor-E/M (CMCA-E/M)

No live webinar series scheduled at this time.

Online Training Center

Free Medical Coding
Assessment Tool

Coding professionals can test their skills online with PMI’s new Medical Coding Assessment.