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Medical Practice Front Desk Success

Does your front office staff go above and beyond to optimize the patient experience?

5 Questions to Ask:

  1. Do they communicate with tact and discretion when greeting patients, vendors, insurance companies, and other offices?
  2. Are they able to handle challenging personalities and situations?
  3. Do they understand their role and how they fit into the overall workflow in the office?
  4. Can they explain your financial policies, guard PHI, and maintain security standards?
  5. Do they display good organization and time management skills?

How often do you evaluate patient communication?

A welcoming and attentive front office can turn a difficult time for your patients and their families into a caring, positive experience. Small changes in the way your staff connects with new, established, and prospective patients can have dramatic results.

This is a foundation course covering the complete scope of operations in the medical front office. The instructor will accentuate the quality of care on the front line as an important benchmark of the practice performance and success.

Class Highlights:

  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Communicating information with tact and discretion
  • Protecting and securing PHI
  • Improving accuracy, organization, and productivity
  • Educating patients on practice policies
  • Gathering and documenting patient information
  • Scheduling appointments, preventing no-shows, cancellations, and reducing excessive wait times
  • Collecting copays and verifying insurance information
  • Mastering billing/collection practices
  • Techniques to reduce stress

Participants will take part in group discussions to address difficult patient communication scenarios, practice workflow challenges, collection efforts, and more.

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit anyone seeking or currently employed in a front office role in a healthcare practice.


This is a beginner-level course. New employees and their supervisors are encouraged to attend.

What to Bring

A course manual will be provided with helpful resources and links for use beyond the classroom. No additional materials are required.

Full Schedule

Program times are Central unless otherwise noted.

Date TimeFee Instructor
June 09, 202109:00-12:00$199Linda D'SpainRegister

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