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PMI’s Online Training Center is the place to find courses that fit your schedule. All courses include instructor-narrated recordings, slide presentation and course manual. Access your digital materials from any computer in your password-protected PMI Portal for up to 6 months. Certification courses also include a physical binder shipped upon purchase, along with supplementary study materials, and live proctored exam. PMI awards continuing education units (CEUs) for completion of these courses. See the individual course descriptions for more information. Chrome and IE are the recommended browsers; however, when using Safari, please disable privacy mode as your video tracking will not work if privacy mode is enabled. If seeking CEUs for other organizations, seek pre-approval prior to enrollment. PMI regularly adds new courses, so check back periodically or send a request to our Content Team.

Core topics

Recorded sessions are adapted from PMI’s live class curriculum and include a digital course manual.

ICD-10-CM Coding for the Medical Practice

This course will help coders curb error rates and denials that impact the practice's bottom line. Failure to code to the highest degree of specificity negatively impacts reimbursement as well as utilization statistics.


Using Modifiers to Improve Claim Accuracy

Don't lose revenue because of modifier misuse, non-use or just to bypass CCI edits! This course will explain modifiers and when it is appropriate to use a modifier to obtain proper payment.


Billing for Mid-Level Providers

Review documentation guidelines and tough billing situations with examples and guidance on documentation needed to support mid-level provider claims.


Principles of Coding

This class is an essential coding primer with detailed instruction and workbook exercises to quickly improve coding proficiency and accuracy.


OSHA Compliance Guidelines for the Medical Practice

This course is suitable for medical office managers charged with establishing and enforcing OSHA and hazard communication standards in the medical office.


Management & Leadership for the Medical Practice

Receive expert guidance and tools to lead a high-performing medical office team. This course is a virtual toolkit for any current or aspiring medical office manager.


Privacy and Security Concerns for the Medical Practice

This course provides a comprehensive review of HIPAA policies, notices of privacy practice, restrictions of the use of PHI for marketing, sales and fundraising, and employee training on privacy obligations.


Getting Paid: Keeping a Pulse on Accounts Receivable

Establish policies and processes that support the administration and communication of financial responsibilities. Improve insurance data collection, eligibility verification, and patient communication.


Medical Office Compliance

This course will explain responsibilities and liabilities in a medical office. Review numerous case examples and receive guidance on compliant patient communication, reporting a breach and more.


E/M Chart Auditing for Physician Services

This course will provide guidance on how to perform level-of-service audits. You can pay a consultant to do it, wait for an audit letter, or take a proactive stance and implement ongoing self-audit procedures.


Successful Insurance Claims Processing

Gain confidence that you are securing correct payments from commercial carriers. This program provides an overview of health insurance plans and payment models. Receive tips to avoid common claims processing errors.


Medical Terminology for Coders

Learn basic anatomy and medical terminology as applied to diagnostic and procedural coding. Gain the skills to accurately interpret the validity of the documentation and subsequent billing.


Transform the Front Desk Staff - Version 2.0

Transform routine patient relations into outstanding customer service. Updated to include instruction for handling difficult personalities and emphasis on patient satisfaction for quality measures.


Effective Denial Management and Rejection Prevention

Learn how to identify erroneous billing procedures that result in denials and rejections. Create a tracking system designed to minimize problems, lost revenue and audit risk. Troubleshoot denials and work within claim guidelines.


Mastering E/M Coding

Learn an internal chart documentation training system and reduce liability resulting from incorrect claims. The instructor will go over the guidelines for proper documentation & service selection, including chart notes.


Patient Collections and A/R Management

If your office is caught up in a decreasing reimbursement cycle, it’s time for an A/R intervention! This program covers A/R as well as compliance and practice management efforts.


Optimizing the Patient Experience

Learn why team engagement is essential for MACRA and how the patient experience affects quality measures.


How to be the Best Receptionist

This information-packed program covers the scope of operations in a medical front office. Improve patient communication, data collection, and privacy and security compliance to enhance office flow and the patient experience.


Medicare Part B: Reimbursement Guidelines

Billing errors and denials cost providers millions of dollars each year in lost income and productivity. This class will cover all the statutory obligations, rights, roles and responsibilities of the Medicare provider.


Bridging the Gap: Clinical Documentation & Coding

This class is designed to help coders work with providers to assess and gather the information needed in documentation to support appropriate code assignments.


PMI Basics: Introduction to Medical Coding

This program provides an introduction to ICD-10-CM, CPT® and HCPCS Level II coding systems and explores essential coding concepts that directly impact reimbursement for healthcare services provided in an outpatient setting.


PMI Basics: Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding

This program provides basic level instruction in diagnostic coding for the outpatient setting. Medical coders abstract details from the healthcare providers' reports to select or validate the proper ICD-10-CM code(s).


PMI Basics: Introduction to CPT Coding

This course provides basic instructions in procedural coding in the AMA CPT-4 manual for the medical practice or other outpatient setting.


MIPS and Quality Payment Programs Made Easy

This webinar course will provide important physician reporting and reimbursement information for the new Quality Payment Programs (QPP) including the Merit-based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS), and Alternative Payment Models (APMs).


PMI Basics: Medical Office Receptionist Skills

This course explains how to gather accurate patient information, make scheduling decisions, address challenging patient behavior and secure the privacy of sensitive patient information.


PMI Basics: Introduction to E/M Coding

Learn to identify the components of an E/M service focusing on the three key components, define medical necessity and learn the general rules for documenting E/M services.


PMI Basics: Collections for Medical Office Professionals

Course provides an overview of AR management and collections in the medical practice. Learn how to educate patients on payment policies and succeed in securing timely payment for services provided.


Contract Law for the Medical Practice Manager

Health care attorney, Heidi Kocher, explains the legal aspects of medical office contracts, operational documents, agreements, and health care business governance issues.


PMI Coding Workshop: CPT

This is a comprehensive CPT coding course with full instructions and review of terminology, guidelines, basic anatomy & body system functions in relation to CPT codebook chapters. Practice exercises included.


Prepare for Major Changes to E/M Coding

Get the facts on the proposed changes to E/M that could go into effect January 1, 2019. Learn about the CMS plans for a major overhaul to E/M coding, reporting & its possible impact to various specialties.


CPT Code Update: 2019

This course covers the new, revised, and deleted CPT® code changes, effective January 1, 2019. Learn how these changes impact your specialty to reduce denials and keep provider reimbursement on track all year long.


Medicare & Compliance Changes: 2019

This two-part, 3-hour course provides 2019 updates for medical office professionals. Get important physician reporting and reimbursement updates: 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, OIG Work Plan, QPP, MIPS, APMs, and much more.


Appeals, Refunds and Recoupments

Learn how quality measures, data, and metrics will drive the new healthcare payment models. Receive guidance on proper selection and reporting. Instructor will provide strategies for how to query providers as for correct information.


E/M Chart Auditing Workshop

Expand your knowledge of evaluation and management (E/M) coding audits.Adopt a comprehensive self-audit system used by professional auditors. Includes auditing tools to help you audit like a pro. A proactive stance is your best defense against an audit.


Advanced Coding & Auditing Boot Camp

Physician services and improper coding continue to be high profile items on the Office of the Inspector General’s audit radar. Don’t wait for an audit letter to come. This class will help you get your self-audit program off the ground.


ICD-10-CM Coding Update 2020

This course summarizes the 2020 code updates, guidelines & requirements for ICD-10-CM. Medical office coding/billing professionals, providers, office managers, consultants, and compliance officers will benefit from this content.



Sessions are adapted from live class lectures and include a physical course manual, support via discussion forum, and proctored exam.

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS)®

Learn the current guidelines & responsibilities to manage third-party provider reimbursement. Review documentation, diagnostic and procedural coding rules, and compliance.


Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO)®

CMCOs are highly trained compliance professionals who understand the role, responsibilities, and tactical skills needed to control risk and lead practice compliance efforts.


Certified Medical Chart Auditor-E/M (CMCA-E/M)®

Learn how to analyze medical records to determine whether the documentation supports CPT and medical necessity, and minimize risks associated with outpatient E/M claims.


Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)®

Gain the skills needed to take charge of a practice administrator role. The CMOM certification program teaches advanced concepts in the administration and management of policies, risks, and financial responsibilities.


Certified Medical Coder (CMC)®

The Certified Medical Coder (CMC)® is an advanced competency training program and certification for experienced medical coders working with outpatient medical claims. The CMC certification is awarded to individuals who have passed the comprehensive exam.


Training packages

Get more for less when you customize your learning track with these package options.

Total Access

Get monthly access to a variety of live webinars covering practice management, billing, coding and compliance topics. For $249 a month membership includes access to a library of pre-recorded topics - more than 100 topics available.


12 CEU Package

CMC, CMIS, CMOM, and CMCO certified professionals can earn 12 CEUs on a budget. Select 8 pre-recorded webinars, review content and pass the quiz at the end of each webinar to collect 1.5 CEUs each, 12 CEUs in total.


ICD-10 Proficiency Exam

This is a comprehensive CPT coding course with full instructions and review of terminology, guidelines, basic anatomy & body system functions in relation to CPT codebook chapters.


Medical Coding Basics Bundle

Especially for new coders working in an outpatient setting, this four-part series covers the fundamentals of coding guidelines as well as an introduction to CPT, ICD-10-CM, and E/M coding.


CMOM Basics Bundle with Certification Course

This four-part training package includes beginner-level courses: Privacy, security, OSHA, MIPS & quality payment programs, plus the Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) course & exam. Save $300 off individual course purchase.


CMOM Intermediate Bundle with Certification Course

This four-part training package includes intermediate-level courses: Management & Leadership, Medical Office Compliance, Optimizing the Patient Experience, and the Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) course & exam. Save $400 off individual course purchase.