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ICD-10-CM Coding Update 2020

There are more than 300 ICD-10-CM code changes in 2020 impacting numerous specialties. Don’t let improperly coded claims put a choke hold on your revenue - gain the facts on the code changes in this ICD-10-CM update program




90 min



Review details on the new 2020 codes for closed and open fractures of the orbital wall surrounding the eye, deep tissue injuries and atrial fibrillation. Codes for phlebitis and thrombophlebitis will allow more specific coding for laterality and location. New codes to report chronic embolism and thrombosis will be selected based on laterality.

New for 2020 include T codes for poisoning, adverse effects or underdosing of multiple unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances divided into four causes: accidental, intentional, assault and undetermined. Codes for injuries sustained during a legal intervention will be introduced this year, as well as codes for heatstroke and sunstroke. Additions to Z codes will address factors influencing health status and contact with health services including a new code for latent tuberculosis.


Maxine Collins


Maxine has more than thirty years of experience in medical practice management, adult education and general business. She has taught courses at various levels, including teaching business communications and accounting at Midwestern State University in Texas. Maxine has extensive experience teaching administrative and clinical personnel essential medical office skills such as medical terminology, coding, reimbursement, OSHA, and HIPAA compliance. She is adept at personnel management, government rules and regulations, accounting and budgeting. Additionally, her experience with practice marketing and development make her a knowledgeable and much sought-after practice management resource.

Maxine has served as an administrator of a multi-specialty clinic, where she was responsible for all clinic operations including medical records, billing and collections, OSHA, HIPAA and Medicare compliance, and all accounting operations. She also has experience in medical practice consulting, and has successfully launched multiple practices.

Maxine holds a MBA in business from Midwestern State University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and holds three PMI credentials.

This course will provide the most current reimbursement information available for ICD-10-CM specifically for medical office coding and billing professionals, providers, office managers, consultants, and compliance officers. Participants will receive digital course materials with all code changes in a chapter specific organized spreadsheet. 

This is an intermediate-level course. Content assumes knowledge of outpatient coding and reimbursement. No additional outside resources are needed.

The latest information available on ICD-10-CM coding guidelines and reporting requirements will be covered. Enroll is this program to ensure your coders and clinicians are informed of all they need to know about these new codes.

  • 273 new codes
  • 30 code revisions

  • 21 deleted codes

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