medical coding assessment

What is it?

The Medical Coding Assessment is a tool developed by the faculty team at Practice Management Institute (PMI) to measure whether a person is a good candidate to enroll in the Certified Medical Coder (CMC) certification program. The assessment contains 20 questions and provides a grade and rationale for areas where a candidate may need to complete additional training prior to their first CMC class.

If you want to earn the CMC credential, this is the place to start! PMI’s Medical Coding Assessment eliminates the guesswork by measuring your knowledge in four different areas of coding competency.

Why we created it.

PMI recommends that CMC certification candidates have at least a year of coding experience prior to enrollment in the course. Recently, more of our instructors have observed participants that have a hard time keeping up with the classroom lecture and materials often lack baseline coding knowledge. Test scores and classroom observation indicate that more students are struggling with some of the more advanced instruction and homework. By day 2 of the program, their eyes would gloss over and they realized they were in over their heads. They realized it was too late to catch up and they would end up dropping out or doing poorly on the exam.

In an effort to set people up for success, PMI’s faculty team went to work designing a comprehensive assessment tool that could measure a candidate’s familiarity with ICD-10-CM, CPT®, E/M, HCPCS coding and modifiers. The assessment included a built-in scoring feature to indicate areas of weakness and guide them to online courses to fortify their knowledge prior to the first CMC class.