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FAQs about Certification CEUs

CEU Tracker Ways to Earn CEUS

How long will my certification(s) remain current?
Your credentials remain current until the expiration date listed in exam result notification letter that accompanies your certificate. The expiration date of a certificate is at least one year from the date of the exam. To maintain active certification, you must apply for renewal of your credentials annually. How do I apply for renewal?

Once you have earned the minimum required CEUs, you may apply for recertification. You can complete this process online:

Step 1 – Update your contact information at http://www.pmimd.com/certify/updateinfo.asp

Step 2 – Pay the renewal fee at http://www.pmimd.com/certify/renewal.asp

Step 3 – Complete the CEU tracker at http://www.pmimd.com/certify/ceutracker.asp

After PMI verifies that the CEU requirements have been met, your certificate(s) will be renewed and you will receive an email notification, and later, an updated wallet card.

Should I retain CEU documents?
Yes. In the event that you are randomly selected for a CEU audit, PMI will contact you to request documentation of the CEUs claimed. Please retain documentation of all CEUs earned for this purpose, and for your own records.

What must I do if I am selected for a CEU audit?
If PMI requests documentation of your CEUs, you must submit copies of the CEUs you earned during the requested period. Send copies as the CEU documents will not be returned to you. Mail to: PMI, 9501 Console Drive, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX, 78229.

May I fax or email my documentation?
Yes. You may fax CEU documentation to 210.691.8972 or scan and e-mail to [email protected] Please include your best contact number and email in your cover sheet or email.

What documentation is required?
Normally a certificate of attendance/completion is all that is required. However, if the certificate is not printed with your name and/or the date of the program, you must provide additional verification (i.e., registration confirmation, payment receipt).

PMI will also accept a statement on letterhead verifying your participation in a continuing education program from either the educator or your supervisor/employer. In lieu of a certificate, the instructor’s business card and his/her signature and date documented on a program agenda may be used to demonstrate CEUs earned.

How much does it cost to renew my certification?
The renewal fee for the 1st certification is $75.00; the 2nd is $50.00, and the 3rd and 4th are $25.00 each per renewal period.

Is there a late fee if I miss my expiration date?
A $50.00 late fee is required if the renewal application or fee are received more than thirty days following the expiration date of the certificate(s).

If your certificate expired a year or more ago, please contact PMI at 800.259.5562 for further guidance on how to reinstate a delinquent certification.

How many CEUs do I need each year to maintain my certification(s)?
PMI requires its graduates to complete a minimum of 12 CEUs by the expiration date listed on each certification to keep the PMI certification(s) active. Each CEU is the equivalent of one classroom hour of continuing education. How does PMI define CEU?

PMI defines a CEU as one hour of participation in a recognized continuing education program.

What are the CEU requirements for my certification(s)?

  • Obtain a minimum of 12 CEUs per certification period
  • 75% of the required CEUs (9) should be earned through core competency training topics
  • 25% of the required CEUs (3) may be earned from other training topics.

Core Competency Training Topics per Credential:

Medical Coding
Procedural coding
Diagnostic coding
Evaluation & Management Documentation Guidelines
Anatomy & Physiology
Medical Terminology
Chart Auditing
OIG compliance
HIPAA compliance
Provider Reimbursement
Provider Reimbursement
Insurance billing
Managed Care
Claims filing & monitoring
Appeals & denials
NCCI edits
Revenue Cycle
Medical Documentation
Medical Terminology
Chart Auditing
OIG compliance
HIPAA compliance
Medical Coding
Practice Management
Practice administration
Financial policies
Medical Records
Contract Negotiation
Physician utilization
Human Resources
Risk Management
Managed Care
Medical Coding
Provider Reimbursement
Practice Compliance
Practice Compliance
Program development & implementation
Policies & Procedures
Statutory Provisions
Appeals process
Risk/Gap Analysis
Federal Investigation
*Prior CEU approval by PMI is required for all CMCO continuing education.

How can I earn CEUs?
PMI allows its certified professionals to earn the required CEUs from a variety of sources. All programs that have prior CEU approval through PMI or another qualified credentialing organization will be accepted. These methods are highlighted below:

1. Live In-person Continuing Education Programs
Attend seminars, workshops and conferences or other classroom style continuing education programs. Visit http://www.pmimd.com/programs/default.asp for a list of current PMI classes.

2. Webinars or Audio Seminars
Participate in web or audio based learning. View upcoming PMI webinar topics at https://www.pmimd.com/live_webinar_training/. Consider becoming a Total Access webinar subscriber and gain entry (and CEUs) for your entire staff. Visit http://www.pmimd.com/audio/totalaccess.asp for details.

3. Online Courses
PMI offers a wide variety of online course topics for the distance learner. Go to http://www.pmimd.com/online and browse the course listings. Note the time limits and required textbooks (if any) prior to purchase.

4. Low cost or Free Self-study Training Options

a. PMI Audio Downloads with CEU quizzes
Purchase pre-recorded webinar or conference training sessions and earn CEUs when you complete the accompanying quiz with a score of 80% or better. Training packages are available for each PMI credential.

b. CMS sponsored webinar, teleconference or MedLearn web-based training. For MedLearn, go to:
http://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNProducts/WebBasedTraining.html. Click on the Web-based Training (WBT) Courses link and browse the courses listings to select a module. Print a certificate of completion prior to exiting the course(s).

c. BC Advantage Online CEU Center
BC Advantage subscribers receive complimentary access to an online CEU center. Numerous organizations have approved these quizzes for a variety of CEU increments. PMI approves 1 CEU per CEU package available at www.billing-coding.com .

5. Teaching CEUs
If you are currently teaching at least one relevant course at an accredited college, university or other educational organization recognized by PMI, you may be eligible to apply 6 CEUs toward your renewal requirement Written verification of current teaching assignment(s) from the accredited school and a copy of the course syllabus is required. Relevant courses include topics that address the business of medicine and relate directly to the core competency represented by the PMI credential.

Updated CEU source information will be posted at http://www.pmimd.com/certify/earnceus.asp.

What if I want to apply CEUs from other sources?
Continuing education programs without prior CEU approval will be accepted upon verification of its legitimacy and relevancy. Contact PMI at 800.259.5562 with any questions regarding PMI’s acceptance of CEUs. You may also email your questions to [email protected] with "CEU" in the subject line.

Can I apply CEUs to more than one certification?
If you have multiple certifications you may apply CEUs from a single training to each PMI certificate if the training met the requirements for each credential. For example, if you are certified in both CMC and CMOM, and you earn 3 CEUs at a coding program, you may apply the CEUs toward the CEU requirements of both certifications

How can I verify if my certification(s) are current?
You may check under “Certification Verification” at http://www.pmimd.com/certify/verify.asp. You may also call 800.259.5562 or e-mail PMI at [email protected]

We hope this helps make the renewal process a little easier. For more information, click on the Certification tab on the PMI website, or contact PMI's CEU Coordinator in the Professional Services Department at 800-259-5562 with any questions regarding PMI recertification. You may also email your questions to [email protected] with "CEU" in the subject line.

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