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  Coding Third-Party Billing Office Management Compliance  
Designed for experienced, physician-based coding professionals, the Certified Medical Coder (CMC)® certification demonstrates to employers and business associates advanced knowledge to make proper code selections to the highest degree of specificity.

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The Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS)® program covers the current landscape of third party reimbursement with tips, tools, and techniques to help expedite claims and receive correct reimbursement. Candidates have knowledge of current and future billing models and must successfully demonstrate ICD-10-CM proficiency.

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CMOM professionals are trained to excel in a practice leadership role. Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)® is the ideal certification for those currently running a practice and those who want to acquire the skills to become a practice leader. Key areas of learning include: financial management, practice administration, and personnel and time management.

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CMCO is the premier compliance certification for medical office professionals. Candidates receive thorough instruction on the roles, responsibilities and tactical skills needed to handle compliance operations. Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO)® are well-equipped to control risk and lead practice compliance efforts.

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Hear what our certified professionals have to say.
  • "My CMC has helped be demonstrate to doctors that I am not only qualified to code records but I have the necessary certification to justify it; when I am auditing physicians and show them the importance of documenting correctly. My CMIS has helped me with sending out clean claims to meet insurance requirements so the practice can receive the revenue timely and quickly. It also has assisted in knowing the proper way to appeal claims and communicate with insurance carriers. My CMOM has helped me with the management processes that are required to have a profitable and proficient medical office. Providers rely on their office managers to make the necessary changes to ensure that their staff is properly caring for patients and that the practice has a profit in doing so as well. CMCO has been the most eye-opening certification class that I have taken to learn the changes in regulations that are affecting practices and to help me implement those changes in our day to day processes. It has assisted us in implementing a compliance plan that meets the requirements of HIPAA, OSHA and billing/coding."

  • "My CMOM has helped me to manage the office better in regards to employee management, patients, reports etc. My CMIS has helped me to deal with insurance companies requirements of billing and forms. My CMCO helps me to keep the physician's and the office as a whole in compliance in regards to HIPAA, OSHA, billing/coding to better protect everybody from audits. My CMC helps me to better audit my doctors and educate them to strengthen their coding, this will help them even more when the ICD-10 is implemented."

  • "I started out on the clinical side, pursuing a degree in Nursing. In my last quarter of school life threw me a curve ball and I found myself a divorced single mom with limited education and income. I was hired by a physician who offered to foot the bill for my education if I would agree to run his office for him. I took a coding class but needed more training on the business side and I needed it fast. I had a small child and no time to go back to school for three or four years to learn what I needed to know. I earned the CMIS first, then the CMOM. In 2012, I added CMCO to my credentials. Now in my fourteenth year with my practice, I'm in a better situation now, financially, with a great benefits package. I just believe in PMI. It changed the way that people look at me."

  • "Knowledge is power. It is scarier not to have knowledge about it or to say you have compliance in your office but are you are not incorporating or implementing it in your day to day operations Personally, I think this certification benefits me in my career because I like ethics and doing the right thing. Job-wise, if you are working for a physician who doesn't see the benefit, then it empowers you to find another practice."

  • "I think that it is a good formal education on what we need to be doing in the med industry as far as compliance. This puts it all in a compact class. And it gives you a good outline and a good basis for the direction that you need to be going. I wanted that formal guide to what I need to be doing. I needed to know step 1 step 2, etc."

    Mary Whitlow, CMOM, CMCO
  • "Certification is such a great way to boost your value with your organization. The resource material provided during the course is invaluable. I have referred to it almost every day since completing the course."

    Candy Bigham, CMCO, CMC
  • "I have attended PMI programs since the early 80's and continue to attend as many as possible because I always come away with important, helpful information that I can use on a daily basis. Another reason that I have remained a part of PMI is simply because I have always been impressed with the professionalism of PMI. That is just a couple of reasons that I chose to earn all three of the certifications they offer and promote the company as an upstanding organization."

    Marti Geron, CMC, CPC, CMIS, CMOM, CMA, PCS
  • "PMI understands today's medical practice and remains dedicated to ensuring all associates supporting our medical providers have the opportunity for continued education. This is evident by the number of smaller markets they bring their courses to, because PMI understands in this day and age our practices have to cover the office. The local classes make it much more realistic in regard to travel time, expense and time out of the office. I support PMI because they support our offices... education is the key to running a practice effectively and PMI provides that."

    Heather Post, CMC, CMOM
  • "I owe PMI so much for the knowledge they have given to me over the past 24 years, I have been attending their programs and certification courses since I began working in the medical field. I have found very few organizations that provide the level of education as well as individual assistance that PMI and it instructors offer. In my opinion you can't find any better than PMI."

    Nancy McKinney, CMC, CMIS, CMOM
  • "I highly recommend PMI's curriculum and credentials to anyone who is just starting out in the medical profession as well as to those who have many years of experience in this field. I found PMI after working as a medical professional for over 20 years. Because of PMI and the curriculum it offers, after 20 years I am able to manage more effectively and my employees have a better understanding of their job and their job duties. I credit PMI for my great management skills, which has enabled our practice to increase our revenue from five figures per month to six figures (plus) every month!"

    Marshara Rowan, CMOM
  • "My affiliation with PMI has been one that I have been most proud of. PMI programming has been invaluable to the professional success and placement of our students. In my eyes, PMI is the most relevant and well-rounded, full service, credentialing and educational organization in existence today."

    Angie Brown, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CMA
  • "Showing up for a job is not what it's about. Showing up for a job and being prepared to do the job successfully is! PMI is about the preparation... education for medical professionals who are making a difference in their communities today."

    Toni Emmons, CMC, CPC
  • "I appreciate the fact that PMI has created a medical office support service company that offers everyone an opportunity to interact in multiple educational events. Through this focus and determination PMI has been recognized as SUPERIOR in the national market place. I do not have to worry about wasted staff time, energy or corporate funds when interacting or attending a PMI seminar, conference, or web-cast. The quality of speakers is notable among their peers, wherein lies the true test of the PMI continued corporate success."

    Debbie Fehr, CMC
  • "I have been certified through Practice Management Institute since 2000. I attend their classes and annual conferences for their national perspective on what is happening in the healthcare industry. I always walk away from their seminars with up-to-date information and helpful advice on resolving the medical practice issues I may be having at the time."

    Janice Nibler, CMC, CMIS, CMOM
  • "This program opened up another avenue for us to pursue in our business. It sheds a whole new light on how everything functions. Everyone thinks that [an audit] won't happen to them but it's better to be prepared and have the knowledge because it can happen. And when it does, it's much less expensive to go through the compliance process than to hire an attorney. It's better to be prepared than run the risk of going to jail."

    Luana Cordova, CMCO
  • "Streaming PMI webinars are paying off for us as we continue to grow since more of our new and current staff will be on their website. People need to really take advantage of the Total Access option. It's worth its weight in gold and is an important added value as a true Practice Management tool. As a CMOM and CMCO graduate, its mission is critical to educate everyone, hence our use of streaming."

    David Wilburn, CMOM, CMCO

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