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Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS)®

Certified Medical Insurance Specialists understand payer models and rules for accurate claim filing and reimbursement.

Coding expertise is the foundation. But if you want to get paid, then you'll need to know the rules.

How good is your billing team?
  • Are your claim follow-up procedures effective?
  • Are ABNs and authorizations being processed correctly?
  • Has your ratio of outstanding claims decreased in the last 2 years?
  • Are your aging reports under control?

There's room for improvement in every practice. Seasoned coding and billing professionals will work through level-of-service examples that include modifier selection and how it corresponds to medical necessity.

Today more than ever, your team must be trained to focus on getting every dollar rightfully owed to the practice. This program will teach you how to master the entire process, better train those around you, and enhance your professional skills and value.

Earning Your Certification with Practice Management Institute®

Those who continue to expand their professional knowledge will have the edge in today's ever-changing health care climate. Each Certification curriculum and exam has passed a thorough review process, ensuring that the materials are current and accurate, and testing standards are strictly enforced. PMI's National Advisory Board and Faculty Team have real-world experience in all aspects of running a successful medical practice.

  • Certification is a currency that validates a person's commitment to the profession.
  • Certification provides a sense of personal achievement and employer confidence.
  • Certification helps to protect the practice's compliance efforts.
  • Physicians need educated staff with expert knowledge in handling the administrative side of their business.

Earning Your Certified Medical Insurance Specialist Certification

This certification program explores the current landscape of third party reimbursement. Detailed lecture, course materials and examples will teach participants how to effectively expedite claims, secure timely, correct reimbursement, and protect the financial interest of the practice.

Certified Professional Standards of Excellence

Practice Management Institute's Certified Professional Standards of Excellence were developed to promote ethical requirements and standards for its Certified Professionals. These guidelines were established and approved by the Practice Management Institute® Advisory Board for Certification Programming.

Standards of Conduct describe the actions that would reasonably be expected of a PMI Certified Professional in the performance of his/her duties. Certified Professionals are held to the highest professional standards in the medical industry. PMI Certified Professionals must agree to follow appropriate and legal guidelines according to governmental and third party payer organizations and contracts. They will support the compliance efforts and reporting system of the medical practice. They will bill only for services that are actually rendered. Services will be coded accurately and only when documentation is provided for the service. They agree to continue to learn and abide by current standards in the ever-changing business of medicine.

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