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Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)®

Certified Medical Office Managers motivate employees, protect the practice from risk, and help stimulate financial growth.

Earning Your Certified Medical Office Manager Certification

Whether you are currently running a practice or want to acquire the skills to become a practice leader, this program will expand your knowledge with detailed modules.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend
  • CMOM certification demonstrates to providers, auditors, compliance officers, employers and business associates that you have achieved advanced knowledge and skills to excel in a practice management role.
  • The expertise gained in this program will protect providers from risks, motivate employees and improve the practices financial outlook.
  • Certification helps instill confidence when communicating with providers, third-party payers, patients and business associates.
  • Take charge of practice administrative issues so that providers can focus on quality patient care.
  • Certification improves your value to the practice and bolsters your career.

Earning Your Certification with Practice Management Institute®

Those who continue to expand their professional knowledge will have the edge in today's ever-changing health care climate. Each Certification curriculum and exam has passed a thorough review process, ensuring that the materials are current and accurate, and testing standards are strictly enforced. PMI's National Advisory Board and Faculty Team have real-world experience in all aspects of running a successful medical practice.

  • Certification is a currency that validates a person's commitment to the profession.
  • Certification provides a sense of personal achievement and employer confidence.
  • Certification helps to protect the practice's compliance efforts.
  • Physicians need educated staff with expert knowledge in handling the administrative side of their business.

Certified Professional Standards of Excellence

Practice Management Institute's Certified Professional Standards of Excellence were developed to promote ethical requirements and standards for its Certified Professionals. These guidelines were established and approved by the Practice Management Institute®

Standards of Conduct describe the actions that would reasonably be expected of a PMI Certified Professional in the performance of his/her duties. Certified Professionals are held to the highest professional standards in the medical industry. PMI Certified Professionals must agree to follow appropriate and legal guidelines according to governmental and third party payer organizations and contracts. They will support the compliance efforts and reporting system of the medical practice. They will bill only for services that are actually rendered. Services will be coded accurately and only when documentation is provided for the service. They agree to continue to learn and abide by current standards in the ever-changing business of medicine.

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