Certification Online Renewal

How much is my renewal fee?

The renewal fee is $75 Per Person.

If you have more than one PMI credential, the renewal fee is $50 for the second, and $25 for the third and fourth certifications when recertifying within the same calendar year. Thus, if you renew four certifications in the same calendar year, the recertification fee is $175.
This can be paid at one time or in partial payments at the time each individual credential is due for renewal.

Delinquency Penalties

A late fee of $50.00 is required for certification payments made 30 or more days after the expiration date. If your certificate(s) expired more than one year ago, additional CEUs and fees will be required. Please contact PMI at 800.259.5562 for guidance when reinstating certificates that have expired more than one year ago.

What Amount Do I Pay for Recertification?

  • 1 certificate $75 - per person
  • 2 certificates $125 - per person
  • 3 certificates $150 - per person
  • 4 certificates $175 - per person
  • 5 certificates $200 - per person

If you have any questions about your eligibility for recertification, or the amount due, please contact PMI’s customer care team at 800.259.5562 before proceeding. Overpayments will not be refunded, though credit toward another purchase may be approved.

 Earning CEUS

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