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Medical Front Office Skills Certificate Program

This is a comprehensive training curriculum that details the tasks and responsibilities of the medical front office. Sample forms and policies are included, and a Certificate of Competency is awarded for participants who pass the online assessment.

5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Learn essential responsibilities to excel in a patient-interfacing role.
  2. Discover why quality care, overall patient satisfaction, workflow, compliance, and the bottom line are key ingredients that make or break office success.
  3. Learn how to communicate effectively with patients and coworkers, and learn a variety of approaches for dealing with difficult personalities.
  4. Receive instruction on skills and techniques for handling difficult and stressful situations with more confidence and clarity.
  5. Complete a two-hour post-lecture assessment. Participants with a passing score will receive a Certificate of Competency.


  • This program covers patient satisfaction, medical ethics and etiquette communication techniques, the medical record and patient data collection, and privacy/security compliance
  • Explanation of the revenue cycle including how to ask for money and the importance of collecting payment at the time of service
  • Detailed instruction on the tasks and responsibilities of the front office
  • Review of medical terminology
  • Communication techniques and conflict resolution tactics that really work
  • Techniques to ease communication with angry and abusive patients
  • Customer service guidelines and proper implementation
  • How to more effectively schedule appointments
  • Charting and medical record documentation guidelines
  • Insurance basics and the importance of patient education
  • Importance of billing and collecting within established guidelines
  • Creating a culture of safety and compliance

Online Learning Format Includes: Clear video/audio, secure encrypted web access (no downloads), in-session chats, and access to session recordings anywhere in US and 190 countries.

What to Bring

A course manual will be provided that includes sample policies and forms for better front desk management. No additional reference materials are needed. Please note: Participants in this program are encouraged to turn on their webcams and fully engage with the instructor and their peers in this highly interactive program.

Full Schedule

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Target Audience

This class is appropriate for anyone responsible for patient communication, data and payment collection, and scheduling.

Post-Lecture Assessment

A two-hour online post-lecture assessment is included. Participants with a passing score will receive a Certificate of Competency.


I am incredibly pleased with the Medical Front Office Skills course. I believe that it captures what it means to be a front office specialist. From clear customer service techniques and personal development to clinical terminology and medical ethics, this course has allowed me to expound upon several years of on-the-job training in two days. I am so grateful to Practice Management Institute for developing a timely certificate course that coincides with my busy schedule. I’m certain that there are many people – like me – who want to learn how to better serve their patients but may not have the ability to commit to the rigor of higher education. - Alexandria Smith