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Optimizing the Patient Experience

5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Create a patient-centric experience that promotes engagement in their own care.
  2. Involve patients and their families with surveys and clinical engagement methods.
  3. Receive tips and tools to measure patient satisfaction and boost quality measures.
  4. Create a plan to follow-up and act on negative patient feedback.
  5. Learn when and how to discharge patients not following their care plan.

Class Highlights

  • Learn why team engagement is essential for MACRA and how the patient experience affects quality measures.
  • Define the team's role in patient satisfaction and patient engagement as part of the overall patient experience.
  • Understand the connection between quality measures and reporting outcomes.
  • Review the impact of Internet-based ratings such as Physician Compare, HealthGrades, and peer-to-peer measurement websites.
  • Patients and caregivers grade their experience based on feelings, actions and results. Learn how this correlates with performance measures.
  • Make a timeline that includes a patient experience continuum and improvement goals.
  • Discuss a plan for future gains in performance measures.
  • Create a patient survey and act on results.
  • Establish and enforce patient discharge criteria and procedure.
  • Learn practice marketing tactics and strategies for creating and managing a social media presence for your office.

Clear video/audio, secure encrypted web access (no downloads), in-session chats/breakout rooms, live study and mentoring sessions, access to session recordings anywhere in US and 190 countries.

Online Learning Format Includes: Clear video/audio, secure encrypted web access (no downloads), in-session chats, and access to session recordings anywhere in US and 190 countries.

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*Participants in this program are encouraged to turn on their webcams and fully engage with the instructor and their peers in this highly interactive program.

Who Should Attend

This class is ideal for billing and claims processors, managers, providers, consultants, and anyone seeking solutions and for claim rejections and denials.


The content covered in this course assumes basic to intermediate knowledge of outpatient billing and carrier reimbursement.

Course Materials

A course manual will be supplied. No supplementary materials are required for this course.