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Medical Office Compliance

Lack of training and knowledge is not a valid defense in a federal audit. This course will explain responsibilities and liabilities in a medical office. Review numerous case examples and receive guidance on compliant patient communication, reporting a breach, and more.




347 min



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Don’t get caught off guard. Even honest mistakes can result in huge fines. Participants will walk away with the knowledge and tools to perform a practice Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment. Your staff needs proper education and guidance for how to avoid risk and protect the practice.

Lisa Maciejewski-West


Lisa has been involved in the medical billing, management and consulting field since 1982. In 2006, she founded Gold Star Medical Business Services, an award winning company that provides remote billing services for physicians in small to medium sized individual and group practices. Prior to starting Gold Star Medical, she worked for one of the largest Practice Management consulting firms in the country.

Lisa has consulted with hundreds of doctors as a practice management coach, and has spoken at hundreds of seminars throughout the United States, both as a teacher and motivational speaker. She is PMI's Director of Business Development for the West Central Texas region, and an adjunct instructor with the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center, and teaches a variety of business classes to new and prospective business owners.

This class will explain the compliance responsibilities of operating a medical practice with examples of cautionary areas: billing for claims with no assignment of benefits on file, selling a photocopier without wiping patient data stored in memory, or listing employees as salaried to avoid paying overtime wages.

This is a basic-level class. Content assumes some experience working in a medical office.

Review the 3 major compliance risk areas: Medicare, HIPAA, and OSHA, and the 7 elements of compliance that every practice must have in place. Gain the facts on other essential details to keep your healthcare organization in compliance with federal guidelines and rules:

  • ADA rules and how to apply them in your practice
  • How to perform a risk assessment
  • Areas of weakness that could result in fraud investigations
  • What to do when an auditor makes contact with your office
  • Appropriate clinical documentation for compliance with payer and regulatory guidelines
  • Compliance efforts that could reduce or minimize the adverse effects of fraud investigations
  • Why you should obtain an ABN every time
  • Evaluate all HIPAA-compliant patient communication
  • How to handle a breach when it is discovered
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce workplace hazards
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness to ensure patient and data safety
  • Explanation of penalties for non-compliance

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instruction and the downloadable PowerPoint handout for 6 months.

“When I started in healthcare, my goal was to get a job in the front office for a year and move on to a different career path.

By taking that first step into the unknown, it led me down the road of success. In my 30 year journey, I developed a passion for health care and I believe it all started in the front office.”

"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further.”  -Thomas Carlyle

Ada X Gonzalez, CMCO CMOM, VP Revenue Cycle, DHR Health

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