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ICD-10-CM Coding for the Medical Practice

Reliance on your EMR for proper code selection is dangerous! Coders unfamiliar with coding guidelines put the practice's reimbursement at risk and may trigger an audit. It has never been more important to have a strong foundation in diagnostic coding principles and guidelines.




261 min



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Curb error rates and denials to improve your practice's bottom line. This course is designed for clinicians and coders actively involved in diagnostic coding in a medical practice. This fast-paced workshop provides instruction and hands-on exercises in the 21 chapters of ICD-10-CM

Lisa Maciejewski-West


Lisa has been involved in the medical billing, management and consulting field since 1982. In 2006, she founded Gold Star Medical Business Services, an award winning company that provides remote billing services for physicians in small to medium sized individual and group practices. Prior to starting Gold Star Medical, she worked for one of the largest Practice Management consulting firms in the country.

Lisa has consulted with hundreds of doctors as a practice management coach, and has spoken at hundreds of seminars throughout the United States, both as a teacher and motivational speaker. She is PMI's Director of Business Development for the West Central Texas region, and an adjunct instructor with the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center, and teaches a variety of business classes to new and prospective business owners.

5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Instructional manual and access to faculty to address specific questions
  2. In-class exercises will sharpen diagnostic coding accuracy
  3. Expand your knowledge of the critical role that clinical documentation plays in correct coding
  4. Curb error rates and denials and improve your bottom line
  5. Protect the practice from audits that could result in big fines

This is a basic-level course. Content assumes some knowledge of outpatient coding and reimbursement.

What to Bring

Participants must bring an ICD-10-CM Code Set manual to this class.

Program Highlights

  • Learn the ICD-10-CM conventions with detailed examples
  • Explanation of current general and chapter specific coding guidelines in ICD-10
  • Understanding the coding system's format and structure
  • Usage of the placeholder character "X" and 7th character extensions
  • Working with Excludes1 and Excludes2 notes
  • Know the categories of Z code
  • Classification and proper coding of diseases and injuries
  • Clarification of signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions
  • How to code for sequela (late effects)
  • Correct sequencing of codes
  • Coding for orthopedics, pregnancy/childbirth/puerperium, infectious disease, neoplasms, diabetes and more
  • Hands-on exercises to improve proficiency within a variety of chapters/specialties

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