Online Training Course

Management & Leadership for the Medical Practice

Receive expert guidance and tools to lead a high-performing medical office team. This course is a virtual toolkit for any current or aspiring medical office manager. It is a perfect precursor to the Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)® program.




360 min



Learn how to be a great practice leader and create a positive practice image with team motivation and patient engagement techniques designed to improve the practice's overall performance and quality measures. 

Medical Office Compliance

Understand labor laws and regulations
Establish ethics and ongoing compliance measures
Proper structuring and compliance of employee handbook

Practice Administration

Manage day-to-day operational responsibilities
Improve time management and effective communication skills
Identify and minimize sources of risk in the office

Employee Relations

Hire, develop and retain the team, and motivate across generations
Review of wage and salary administration guidelines
Conduct more effective performance reviews

Financial Management

Quality control, financial and risk management
Turn financial forecasting into patient-payer mix
Approaches that will protect positive cash flow

Managed Care Delivery System

A look at managed care contracts and the patient payer mix
Create a great patient experience for higher satisfaction
Quality performance measures and impact on future Reimbursement

Rhonda Granja

Rhonda has been in the medical office profession since 1990 and works as an independent medical consultant. Rhonda has done the necessary follow-up work and has a proven track record for winning insurance appeals. She works with several medical groups and has also been involved extensively in medical advocacy. Rhonda enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in this profession. Her vast experience has been achieved by actively working in all areas of a medical practice - everything from the front desk to the clinical side. She has developed staff motivation techniques and also has extensive knowledge of billing and reimbursement related to managed care and commercial carriers as well as Medicare and state funded products. Rhonda’s experience and passion for speaking tends to get attendees excited about what they do.Aside from her professional relationships, she makes time to advocate with the non-profit organization, Autism Speaks.

Participants should have some background working in a medical facility with experience as a team lead or moving toward a supervisory role.

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