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E/M Chart Auditing for Physician Services

Improve your knowledge of level of service audits to reduce practice risk and promote accurate claim submission. You can pay a consultant to do it, wait for an audit letter, or take a proactive stance and implement ongoing self-audit procedures.




180 min



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This program will demonstrate a step-by-step process to implement an internal audit program. Adopting a systematic approach to cross-checking records ensures that you always know where you stand and improves communication with providers and staff.

  • Verify that chart documentation supports claims submitted
  • Determine whether appropriate levels of service are billed
  • Review levels of history, exam, and medical decision-making
  • Identify how to properly evaluate the nature of the presenting problem
  • Check billing for prolonged services plus other E/M services
  • Uncover revenue holes and improve the practice’s bottom line
  • Expert guidance on key components and potential problem areas
  • Discover missed revenue opportunities when auditing charts based on fact

Pam Joslin


Pam has more than 20 years of medical practice management, coding, reimbursement and compliance experience. She has managed in medical practices ranging from single to multi-specialty groups, including ASC. She is an advocate of process improvement and maximizing and empowering your employees to bring about the "best practice" results for your organization. She received her Master's in Management from University of Phoenix. She maintains memberships in professional organizations to support her continuing cycle of learning in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Prior to joining the PMI Instructor team she was an Adjunct Instructor and served on three advisory boards at a community college in San Antonio.

This is a basic-level course. Content assumes basic knowledge of medical charts and coding of E/M claims. Self-provided, current year coding books are required: CPT® and ICD-10-CM.

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