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Successful Insurance Claims Processing

Gain confidence that you are securing correct payments from commercial carriers. This program provides an overview of health insurance plans and payment models. Receive tips to avoid common claims processing errors.






180 min



Up to 90 percent of revenue in a healthcare provider's practice flows through third-party payers. How much of it is hanging in limbo due to denials? Make sure that your dollars are flowing in the right direction. Spend less time fighting denials and more time ensuring that your front end details are in order. The window to appeal a denied claim is getting smaller. Learn how to expedite claims and appeals and get paid. 



Jenny Pauley


Jenny entered the medical field almost 25 years ago as a billing clerk. Since then, she has worked in all aspects of a medical office from the front to the back. She has experience in medical practice management, reimbursement, coding, accounts receivable, daily financials and scheduling. She established a General Surgery practice and has worked in Family Practice and various other specialties

Currently, Jenny works as the Billing Director for Medisys Practice Solutions. Her passion is educating staff to become dynamic employees in their medical practices.

This class is appropriate for health insurance claims processors with limited experience. Physicians, consultants and clinical staff seeking a better understanding of the overall commercial carrier reimbursement process may also benefit.

The content covered in this course assumes a basic to intermediate understanding of insurance claims processing. No supplementary materials are required for this course.

On Demand viewing of two 90 minute recorded instructional sessions. Includes digital course manual. 

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