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PMI Basics: Introduction to ICD-10-CM Coding

This program provides basic level instruction in diagnostic coding for the outpatient setting. Medical coders abstract details from the healthcare providers' reports to select or validate the proper ICD-10-CM code(s). 







180 min



ICD-10-CM coding conventions, general guidelines and chapter specific guidelines will be introduced and clarified in this program. Gain insight into why it is important to code the highest degree of specificity.  Learn how to find the condition in the alphabetic index and verify the code in the Tabular list. Pay close attention to all coding instructions  and understand the coding system's format and structure. Grasp how to use the place holder “X” or the 7th character when appropriate. Identify and comprehend terms like  sequela, laterality, includes/excludes, etiology, code first, code additional, see  also, and unspecified code. 

Tom Stevens


Tom has more than 20 years of experience in medical practice management, coding, revenue recovery, compliance, and regulatory changes. He also has a long history teaching proper coding guidelines to both clinical and non-clinical staff. He has served as a consultant and coding analyst where he has facilitated proper documentation flow and been responsible for medical record compliance. He has hired, trained, and supervised coders for a variety of specialties including cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, psychiatry, family practice, oncology and neurology. His in-depth experience has helped the medical practices with which he has been associated increase their overall profitability and improve documentation, coding, billing and collection protocols and accuracy.

Tom's warm and enthusiastic teaching style exhibits his genuine desire to engage his audience as he shares best practices from his collective experience and that of the PMI faculty. The ever-evolving face of medicine and the requirements placed on medical practices mandates that medical professionals up their game in acquiring and updating knowledge and strategies for effective medical practice management. Tom is a master at helping you do this.

This course is designed for novice outpatient coders. Managers, clinical and administrative staff seeking an overall understanding of the coder's role and responsibilities in the healthcare setting will also benefit, as well as experienced coders seeking a refresher on diagnostic coding.

This is a basic-level course. Content assumes an awareness of the role  of medical coding in relation to outpatient provider reimbursement. A self-supplied ICD-10-CM code set manual is required to complete practice exercises.



  • Overview of the diagnostic coding process
  • Understand the coder's role and responsibility
  • Learn proper use of the ICD-10-CM coding book
  • Review code examples
  • Hands on practice utilizing your code set manual

On Demand viewing of two 90 minute recorded instructional sessions. Includes digital course manual. 

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