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PMI Basics: Medical Office Receptionist Skills

Everyone serving in a frontline capacity will benefit from this training session. This course explains how to gather accurate patient information, make scheduling decisions, address challenging patient behavior and secure the privacy of sensitive patient information. 




180 min



Many variables must be considered to determine the appropriate Evaluation and Management (E/M) code to use. This program will walk you through the fundamental principles underlying all evaluation and management coding and outline the steps that relate accurate code selection to proper reimbursement. Learn to identify and discuss the components of an E/M service focusing on the three key components, define medical necessity and comprehend the general rules for documenting E/M services.


Participants will be taught to identify the E/M category/subcategory, and determine the level of history, the extent of the exam performed and the complexity of the medical decision making. Learn when time is a factor in selecting the proper code. Gain insight into the major differences between the '95 and '97 documentation guidelines gain confidence for discussing the components of selecting the proper E/M code.

Course Highlights:

  • Personal skill-assessment inventory review
  • Effective patient education of practice policies
  • Patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Listening and time management skills
  • How stress affects your voice and demeanor
  • Make your voice and personality your best asset
  • Turn routine patient relations into outstanding customer service
  • How to communicate with angry or abusive patients and a variety of personalities
  • Conflict resolution tactics that really work
  • Overview of the billing and collections process
  • Schedule appointments more efficiently
  • How to handle no-shows, short-notice appointments, walk-ins, and excessive wait time
  • Medical ethics & medical etiquette
  • Good patient relations - the best marketing in town
  • Collecting co-pays at time of service
  • Introduction to charting and the medical record


Recorded October 2017

GeoJan Wright


GeoJan has more than 25 years of health care experience in all phases of management, business operations, state and federal regulations. She has worked in billing and collection operations, human resources, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, employee benefit programs, monthly management reports and reconciliations, daily financial activities, scheduling, OSHA regulations, CLIA regulations, radiology and laboratory operations. She has hands-on experience in all phases of insurance, including worker's compensation and HMO's. GeoJan has participated in expansion projects with the SmartLab system, developed programs for physician office training, and founded a local office manager's association. She has specialized training in insurance, coding and as an Authorized Trainer for OSHA 501 courses. Additionally, she has worked in collections for two large hospital systems. She has recent experience onboarding physicians and setting up and managing medical practices as the Market Operations Manager.

GeoJan's strong work ethic and organizational and problem-solving skills make her an excellent communicator who believes in fostering teamwork. She is PMI’s Director of Business Development in the Deep East Texas region. Her teaching experience includes serving as an instructor for Angelina College's Community Service division.

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This is a basic level course appropriate for anyone responsible for patient communication, data collection and scheduling. No prior training is necessary, and no outside materials are required.

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