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Contract Law for the Medical Practice Manager

Health care attorney, Heidi Kocher, explains the legal aspects of medical office contracts, operational documents, agreements, and health care business governance issues. The instruction and content will protect the medical practice interests. 




360 min



Healthcare attorney Heidi Kocher will provide an in-depth review of contractual concerns affecting the business of medicine today.  Whether you are negotiating a contract with a health plan, entering into a new lease agreement, or reviewing your practice's employment agreement contract, best practices dictate the fully informed approach. Contracts are not an area of practice management where you should be flying blind. The practice's contracts and operational documents are key components that determine its success. 


Heidi Kocher


Heidi's experience in healthcare law and compliance includes time in private practice, as well as positions at a large hospital corporation, serving as a compliance officer for a sleep lab/DME company and a compliance director/privacy officer at a medical device manufacturer. She has represented and advised critical access and long-term care hospitals, physician groups, home health agencies, DME companies, pharmacies, non-profit organizations, and licensed individuals. She serves as Counsel with Liles Parker, PLLC, a leading healthcare law firm in Washington, D.C. She is certified in Healthcare Compliance and is a member of the State Bar Association of Texas, and the American Health Lawyers Association.

Heidi will lead you through a comprehensive review of contracts and other legal agreements commonly in place in medical practices. Understand the elements of employment contracts and the effectiveness and enforceability of restrictive covenants. Recognize that physician practice management arrangements and lease agreements require knowledge of applicable state laws. While enforcement actions related to HIPAA Business Associate agreements used to be rare, now in Phase 2, OCR is looking at Business Associates as well as providers during site audits. Be aware of how to protect your practice through the Business Associate Agreement.


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