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CMOM Bundle

This four-part training package includes: Management & Leadership, Medical Office Compliance, Optimizing the Patient Experience, and the Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) course & exam.

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1800 min



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This training package will satisfy foundational training recommendations for aspiring Certified Medical Office Managers. The CMOM Bundle includes four online training courses to complete at your own pace:

  1. Management and Leadership in the Medical Practice 
  2. Medical Office Compliance
  3. Optimizing the Patient Experience
  4. Certification Course and Exam: Certified Medical Office Manager

Various Speakers

Management and Leadership in the Medical Practice  / 6 Hrs / 6 CEUs 

Receive expert guidance and tools to lead a high-performing medical office team. This course is a virtual toolkit for any current or aspiring medical office manager. Regularly priced at $299


Medical Office Compliance / 6 Hrs / 6 CEUs 

This course will explain the responsibilities and liabilities in a medical office. Review numerous case examples and receive guidance on compliant patient communication, reporting a breach and more. Regularly priced at $299


Optimizing the Patient Experience / 3 Hrs / 3 CEUs 

Learn why team engagement is essential for MACRA and how the patient experience affects quality measures. Create a patient-centric experience that promotes engagement in their own care. Regularly priced at $199


Certified Medical Office Manager certification course and exam / 15 Hrs / 20 CEUs

This comprehensive course will teach you how to navigate risk, motivate employees, and manage the financial aspects of a medical office. Improve communication with providers, third-party payers, patients, and business associates. Graduates of this program will learn guidelines and examples to improve decision-making and tactical skills.  Regularly priced at $999

“I thought I knew everything I needed to perform my duties. This class was an eye-opener! I have been in my job for 10+ years and I can only wish I had taken the course back then. Incredibly valuable information no matter how much experience you have. Highly recommend.”   - Jacquelyn Arzooyan, CMOM, Ann Arbor, MI

“From an employer’s perspective, it was important to set a baseline of knowledge for our managers and supervisors, and I wanted to integrate a program that was recognized in the industry. I learned about PMI and the CMOM program from a nearby university medical center that required all their office managers to be certified. The concept of having a standard baseline for competence and knowledge – something shared by peers – was an important step toward elevating manager effectiveness.”   - Lindsay Usher, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, PCC, Director of Human Resources, Northern California Medical Associates

“For over three years, South Texas College has partnered with PMI to provide training programs that directly impact the job of medical office professionals. The quality of PMI’s programs, as well as the expertise and professionalism of their instructors, is excellent. Our students are always pleased with the programs that PMI provides. We are grateful to PMI for the opportunity to partner with them and provide these services in our community.”   - Olivia de la Rosa
Director- Continuing, Professional, and Workforce Education, South Texas College, McAllen, TX 

“As an employer, I strongly value education and support all my staff for continued learning and updating so we can all work as a team and speak the same language! I am so grateful to PMI for really changing my life professionally as well as personally. I can work smarter not harder and have more free time with my family!”   - Linda D. Parsi, MD, MBA, CPEDC, FAAP

“My experience in taking the CMOM course has not only provided me with the tools necessary to manage a practice but do it more effectively and efficiently. Before taking the course, I had a background in sales and customer service with some experience in management. Throughout the curriculum of the class, I was continuously impressed with the material covered. I have never worked for a practice or in the medical field, so it was all new, but easily adaptable.

As we went through the program, I could not imagine managing a practice without the material that is cover in the course. I truly feel it is vital for any type of practice in the medical field. As a matter of fact, the information covered can be utilized in any management role. CMOM has given me the confidence to move ahead with my goal to be in the medical field and I'm proud to be a CMOM.”  - Dwayne Downs, CMOM, Newark, DE

“I can’t say enough about the professionalism from PMI during my path to excellence in becoming a CMOM. While I am happy that MultiCare Regional Cancer Center is part of a large healthcare organization, learning the components of the course has helped me to appreciate all that goes into managing a practice. I have used the education component of the program daily in my leadership role and am so appreciative to PMI for creating such an organized course. Although I will be the first in the state of Washington to obtain the CMOM-HEM/ONC certification, I am certainly talking it up to other leaders within my organization and I look to lead the way for many CMOMs to come.”   - Alicia Duvall, RN, CMOM

“CMOM was a deep dive into the structure, compliance, finance, personnel, and insurance knowledge necessary to be an effective healthcare organization leader.”   - Jason Buss, Bryan Health, Lincoln, NE

"The Michigan Society of Hematology & Oncology (MSHO) is thrilled to have partnered with Practice Management Institute (PMI) to help develop the Certified Medical Office Manager certification for the Business of Oncology. We chose to work with PMI because of their outstanding reputation as leaders in the industry, the rich content of the curriculum, and their expert faculty. We recognize the value it brings to our practices having their managers complete this course. Obtaining the CMOM-HEMONC certification gives managers the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to successfully navigate today’s ever-changing physician practice/hospital.  It has been a complete pleasure working with PMI and we look forward to our continued relationship."   - Mary Kay Makarewicz, Executive Director, Michigan Society of Hematology & Oncology

“On behalf of the CMOM attendees and Akron General, I want to acknowledge what a fantastic job Maxine Collins has done with this week's PMI program. The attendees are having a wonderful experience and great time with Max. Her personality just lights up a room and has made this CMOM class extremely enjoyable for all the participants. A hearty thanks to PMI (and especially Max) for a job well done!!! You guys are the best!”   - Dennis Nordquest, Manager, Physician Relations, Akron General Medical Center

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