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Leadership Fatigue

Take an hour for yourself. Misty Nelson will share actionable ideas that will help you set boundaries, keep your emotions in check, and keep your team motivated to better manage stressful situations and workload.





60 min



"I didn't sign up for this!" The daily stress of managing a busy medical office, especially during times of great change, has many managers questioning their abilities and chosen profession. 


Misty Nelson


Misty has more than 12 years of healthcare experience. Her nursing background combined with her management experience, industry knowledge and natural teaching ability are the perfect fit for the classroom.

She has worked as a Practice Manager for two health centers in North Carolina where her responsibilities included management of clinical and support staff, as well as day to day operations of a FQHC. Misty was responsible for maintaining HIPAA and OSHA compliance and wrote an emergency action plan. She also handled the practice budget and productivity, and had a hand in the scheduling of residents and faculty. With both clinical and practice management knowledge, she has been able to understand and participate in quality assurance programs and nursing care plans.

Misty graduated Magna Cum Laude from ECPI College of Technology Medical Careers Institute in Greenville, SC

The presenter will share actionable ideas that will help you set boundaries, and make behavioral modifications to keep your emotions in check, keep your team and yourself motivated to better manage stress.


If letting go of your emotions at the end of the day are as challenging as getting up for work the next day, it is time for a gut check. Leading others is ineffective when we can't manage our own feelings and needs. This is especially true for managers in high-stress healthcare roles. And with all the challenges and obstacles you must conquer as a manager, making time to address self-care is more important than ever. Take an hour for yourself to review this training and replenish.


  • Learn how to recognize triggers, negative thoughts, and feelings
  • Understand the consequences of ignoring tell-tale signs of a problem
  • The effects of stress on your team including low morale, absenteeism, hostile work environment
  • Learn how to let go of perfection
  • Tips on how to form a support system to cope with stress
  • Recognizing and rewarding yourself for progress and achievements and progress

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instructional lecture and downloadable digital materials for 6 months.

Comments from past participants:

“This was very informative on the issues of fatigue for higher level workers.”

“Leaders are feeling the burnout during this pandemic. Excellent information and examples to help balance life.”

“It is important as a leader to realize when you are experiencing burnout and take steps to rectify it so you can be present for your team.”

“Excellent content. It provides a wonderful reminder of why we are leaders, and that we are not alone.”

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