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Patient Confidentiality in the Age of COVID-19

Every medical office should have policies and procedures in place that describe how they will release information during an emergency. Even though waivers have been issued in response to the current pandemic, this does not mean you should let your guard down. This session contains indispensable information and compliance strategies.




90 min



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The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects PHI while also allowing for proper use and disclosure of information to treat a patient, address public health issues, and other critical purposes. However, there are certain aspects of the rule that have been temporarily relaxed or lifted in some circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic such as, the use of apps to schedule vaccine appointments, announced in January. This program addresses HIPAA and patient confidentiality in the age of COVID-19.

Audrey Coaxum


Audrey E. Coaxum is an influential leader with more than twenty-five years of relevant experience involving many facets of healthcare operations. She is recognized for having an exceptional ability to analyze systems and processes, create best practices, develop policy and procedures, as well as, diverse methods that are compliant, proactive and geared towards eliminating waste and revenue losses, while enhancing operational efficiencies and achieving strategic goals. Audrey has a sterling reputation across the healthcare community as a customer-service oriented strategic problem solver and trusted advisor. She has extensive knowledge and experience in leadership development, medical billing and coding, reimbursement and comprehensive clinical and business operations.

Audrey has served as a C-suite executive for many organizations where her skills as a progressive analyst afforded her the opportunity to champion initiatives involving the implementation of Value-Based Payment Models and the benchmarking of Key Performance Indicators in productivity, patient volume, budget performance and clinical quality outcomes. Motivated by her desire for change and to overcome concerns, she has overseen a range of activities directed towards the evolution and refinement of quality improvement, risk management and practice administration needed to diminish the day to day challenges facing today's medical practices.

Audrey's professional interests focus on various aspects of compliance that streamline operations and enhance profitability without compromising quality of care. As a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning, she currently spearheads activities related to compliance education and training. She conducts audits and reviews to identify trends, issues and potential areas of risk to assist her in developing technology-infused training programs geared towards educating clinicians, administrators and support staff.

This session contains indispensable information and compliance strategies for practice managers, health information officers, and anyone working with PHI in a medical office during COVID. At the end of this training, participants will:

  • understand who HIPAA applies to;
  • understand Protected Health Information definition;
  • understand the application of the minimally necessary standard;
  • understand when patient authorization for disclosure is needed;
  • understand how HIPAA regulations have been affected by the COVID-19 PHE; and
  • understand employee tasks and responsibilities to comply with HIPAA

A basic understanding of regulatory compliance matters in the Medical Practice is beneficial, but not required.

Even without an authorization of release waiver, the HIPAA Privacy Rule always allows patient information to be shared in some circumstances. The  instructor will go through the following circumstances, and provide guidance and examples for:

  • allowable sharing
  • allowable sharing with caution
  • sharing that is not allowable

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instruction and the downloadable PowerPoint handout for 6 months.

Comments from past participants:

“Excellent content. Everything we go over is informative.”

“Very informative; good reminder of the HIPAA guidelines.”

“This presentation is full of good information.”

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