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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies for Your Practice

Failure to take steps to address diversity can put your office at risk of unnecessary strife and could lead to a Civil Rights violation lawsuit. 




60 min



Join healthcare compliance expert Regina Mixon Bates and identify misinformation and potential violations before you are faced with a big problem. An investment in diversity training can create a competitive business by promoting a progressive, proactive atmosphere.


Regina Mixon Bates


Regina Mixon Bates has over 34 years of healthcare experience with 20+ years as a public speaker. She is the CEO of The Physician Practice S.O.S. Group®, a healthcare consulting and educational firm. Through Regina’s leadership, the company has helped healthcare providers across the country streamline their business processes, improve practice operations and keep current with the ever-changing state and federal compliance guidelines. She leads a team of award-winning professionals who provide customized training for healthcare organizations corporations, small businesses, non-profits, higher education, and professional associations. Through transformation training, she use innovative techniques to ensure attendees leave training informed and inspired, and ready to act. She is the host of Fix My Practice TV and the author of her non-fiction book Against the Odds - A Story of Assurance, Strength, Love, and Hope.

Employ diversity and inclusion strategies in your healthcare practice to create a progressive atmosphere and stay competitive.

This training will help you kick-start a conversation and develop protocols to improve workplace inclusion. Learn ways to spark communication and set guidelines for reporting problems.

  • Differentiate diversity from inclusion – an important distinction in the process.
  • Adopt "fair chance hiring" protocols.
  • Discover how too modernize your communication practices.
  • Create initiatives that will foster a culture of belonging.
  • Achieve a competitive business advantage in our diverse society.
  • Learn what a broad view of diversity looks like.

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instructional lecture and downloadable digital materials for 6 months.

Comments from past particpants:

“Excellent content - relevant and very informative. I really enjoyed this session.”

“Great information with strategies on how to create and foster belonging in my organization/ clinic.”

“I found this very informative and will be using this in my hiring process. It is a great tool to use.” 

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