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Patient Collections and A/R Management

If your office is experiencing a decreased reimbursement cycle, it is time for an A/R management intervention!This program covers A/R as well as compliance and practice management efforts. Improve insurance data collection, eligibility verification, and patient communication and reduce payment problems that crush your bottom line.




163 min



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Billing staff walk a fine line between promoting patient satisfaction and enforcing accurate, timely payment policies. Learn how to establish policies and processes that support the administration and communication of financial responsibilities.

5 Reasons to Complete this Course:

  1. Adopt a process that measures and monitors collections efforts while remaining patient-centered.
  2. Understand the impact of your state’s prompt-pay laws to avoid problems and improve success.
  3. Implement a fail-safe process to address payment before the patient arrives, when present in the office and post visit.
  4. Ensure that your collections are handled ethically, efficiently and legally.
  5. Learn to detect and prevent embezzlement and fraudulent activities with end-of-month reports.

Linda D'Spain


Linda is President of her medical practice management consulting firm, D'Spain Consulting. She travels the country conducting national seminars, workshops and webinars and consulting with physician practices, hospitals and medical societies on healthcare reimbursement, documentation guidelines, procedural and diagnostic coding, financial management, human resources, medical office management and compliance with fraud and abuse, OSHA, and HIPAA. She has also served as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) for the Office of the Inspector General and consulted for the Texas Medical and Dental Boards.

With more than 30 years of experience in medical practice management, Linda has managed cardiology, cardiothoracic, vascular surgery, physical therapy, orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics, gynecology and reproductive endocrinology and large multispecialty group practices. She maintained broad responsibilities in business and clinical operations, financial management, governance and organizational dynamics, human resource management, marketing, customer service, compliance, information system management, mergers and acquisitions and risk management.

Linda has attained all five PMI certifications. She also has a degree in Business Administration and is a Board Certified Medical Practice Executive through the American College of Medical Practice Executives, a member of the San Antonio Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA) and has served as an advisory board member with PMI.

Participants learn how to establish policies and processes that support the administration and communication of financial responsibilities.


  • Review each stage of the revenue cycle and the unique staff roles and processes
  • Develop financial policies that provide clear, consistent direction for patients and staff
  • Discover how to overcome obstacles and meet your goals
  • Value of timely billing and the impact on your revenue cycle
  • Dissect each stage of the collections process
  • Overview of A/R management and collections
  • Steps for obtaining accurate patient information
  • Steps to educate patients on payment policies
  • Strategies to secure timely payment
  • Look at the true cost of statements to your operational budget
  • Receive instruction on the legal do's and don'ts of telephone collections
  • Set benchmarks and goals for collections
  • Learn how to read an aging report
  • Rules and guidelines for extending professional courtesies
  • Strategies for handling difficult collections situations

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instruction for 6 months and downloadable companion materials.

Comments from past participants:

“Excellent content; knowledgeable and entertaining speaker!”

“Great topic. I enjoyed it. The instructor was clear and concise.”

“This was very informative for me. I learned a lot.”

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