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How to Effectively Manage Burnout

Burnout takes a toll on physicians, their staff, patients, and the practice. This session addresses causes, symptoms and solutions to effectively manage the impact of burnout in your practice.




60 min



Help break the culture of silence and actively support the well-being of your healthcare team. Learn about the causes and symptoms of burnout and gain insight into how this trend can be reduced and reversed to improve the work environment for all medical practice professionals.

Jan Hailey


Jan Hailey has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare with proficiency in administration, coding, and billing roles. She joined Saint Joseph Physician Network located in Mishawaka, IN as the Director of Quality in November 2015. In 2019, her role transitioned into Director of Care Management with Select Health Network, an entity of Saint Joseph Health System. This transition allowed for her expertise to expand beyond the physician network to lead a comprehensive interdisciplinary team across the health system and work closely with providers, management, staff, community and payers to develop strategies on process improvement, gap closures and patient experience.  

Jan also developed a documentation improvement program and is currently implementing an education program for Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding in order to improve risk scores. She holds four professional certifications in office management, coding, and compliance. She is a member of WPS Medicare’s Provider Outreach and Advisory Group, Indiana Association for Healthcare Quality.

Jan has a passion for teaching and facilitates educational programs nationwide. Prior to joining Saint Joseph, Jan was the Director of Quality, Coding and Compliance for one of the largest health systems in Northern Indiana.

Participants learn how to break the culture of silence around healthcare worker burnout and actively support the well-being of their team.

The reported prevalence of clinician burnout is alarming and has led to public concern about its effects on patient safety and quality of care. Burnout takes a toll on physicians, their staff, patients, and the practice. Some doctors are leaving practices they once loved creating shortages, especially in primary care. And it is not only the providers that are feeling stressed due to time pressures, work conditions, and other demands in healthcare.


  • Quadruple aim
  • Increased risks associated with burnout
  • Organization strategies to combat burnout
  • Solutions for improving well-being of providers and staff
  • Review real-world case study

Self-paced online program includes an unlimited review of previously recorded instruction and the downloadable PowerPoint handout for 6 months.

Past participant comment:

"Excellent session! It addresses real life challenges for all staff." 

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