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Grouping Denial Codes to Protect the Bottom Line

Do you have a robust claim denial prevention process? Does it include grouping denial codes? If not, you are likely spending unnecessary time analyzing denials for issues. Grouping denial codes allows you and your team to improve revenue cycle management performance. Arm your reimbursement staff with expert decision-making skills to help them quickly analyze trouble areas and make informed decisions about grouping denial codes.




55 min



In this session, Revenue Cycle Management expert, Taya Moheiser, identifies the indicators of data entry and verification problems that trigger denials that can choke your revenue cycle management performance. You and your team will learn how to establish effective processes that can reduce the time needed for analysis and provide quick indicators of trouble areas.

Taya Gordon


Shawntea "Taya" Gordon is a subject matter expert in healthcare compliance, organizational governance, process optimization, and revenue cycle management. Having held senior-level executive management positions in private practices, collaborative institutes, and national care coordination organizations, Taya now educates and consults on all areas of healthcare operations. Teaching and consulting topics include performance improvement, quality improvement, risk reduction, and the shift to value-based payment methodologies. Taya also functions as Chief Revenue Cycle Officer for H4 Technology, LLC, a Data Management Software as a Service (DMSaaS) organization providing services to hundreds of providers across the nation.

A proud member of the Medical Group Management Association's (MGMA’s) Government Affairs Council and E/M Workgroup, Taya co-authored the publication: Revenue Cycle Management: Don’t Get Lost in the Financial Maze. Her thoughts on the innovative use of people and IT was included in the HIMSS Voices of Innovation Publication in 2019, coordinated by the Cleveland Clinic. She is also a noted speaker and author for organizations such as HealthLeaders Media, the Practice Management Institute (PMI), MGMA, and Medical Economics.

Taya is the Past President of the HIMSS Nebraska Chapter, former Chair of the Membership and Corporate Development Maryland MGMA Chapter, and was recognized in 2019 by Midland’s Business Journal as a ‘40 Under 40’ Executives & Entrepreneurs Award Recipient.

Passionate about physician advocacy, community outreach, and healthcare improvement processes, she has volunteered in several terms on government affairs and legislative committees lobbying for healthcare improvement and various committees with Habitat for Humanity Omaha.

You will learn how to establish effective processes in your practice that can reduce the time needed for analysis and provide quick indicators of trouble areas impacting the bottom line.

The most effective way to reduce denials is, of course, to prevent them before they occur! This informative training session will address:

  • How to engage your whole team by calling out trouble-spots that trigger denials
  • Methods for grouping denials codes such as "practice setup, department, focus area"
  • What to do about missing information
  • Applying data as part of your claim denial management strategy
  • Review indicators of data entry/verification problems such as current eligibility verification processes
  • Use technology and automation as support
  • Double-down on verification of benefits with every visit
  • Review how your facility matches up against industry benchmarks

Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instructional lecture and downloadable digital materials for 6 months.

Comments from past participants:

"Excellent training! It gives information on how to do it the right way from the beginning."

"Great information that can be easily implemented. This was a great reminder of why we need correct demographic information and explained in detail why that information is so important." 

"I recommend this program to others. Taya shows you how to look at A/R denials in a different way and stresses the importance of educating staff to have everyone informed and involved in a team effort."

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