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Healthcare Compliance Hot Topics in 2024

Healthcare providers remain under the regulatory microscope. Enforcement across government oversight agencies has ramped up post-COVID and is expected to climb further in 2024. Expect more scrutiny from regulators!




70 min



Two healthcare compliance experts discuss the primary healthcare compliance risks facing healthcare providers and their administrative teams in 2024. Robert Liles and Sean Weiss discuss current CMS and OIG targets and other cutting-edge issues and trends:

  • The expansion of UPIC, MAC, and SMRC Audits
  • Administrative Audits of Medicare and Medicaid Claims
  • Administrative Appeals of Medicare Advantage/Medicaid Managed Care Denials
  • Status of False Claims Act Enforcement Activities
  • Recent Prosecutions Under the Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Ways to Reduce Your Level of Regulatory Risks

Participants will gain knowledge of the top compliance concerns for healthcare practices in 2024.
No prerequisites required.
Self-paced online program includes unlimited review of previously recorded instruction and the downloadable PowerPoint handout for 6 months.

Comments from past participants:

"Excellent, knowledgeable speakers. It was very informative with real-life examples of the issues."

"Important topics that are covered in an easy to understand way."

"Very important information was provided regarding compliance and administrative audits that is beneficial for practice managers, physicians, and administrative staff."

"Informative in what to do and not to do in the medical claims audit process. Other compliance information was also helpful."

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