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Advanced Management: In-Person, Virtual & in Between



Dave Jakielo


Webinar US




12:00pm - 1:00pm





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About this program

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As if finding qualified medical office staff wasn't already challenging, keeping them has now become more difficult. Yes, money, advancement, team environment are still important, but there's another alluring perk that more workers are seeking: virtual work. "The Great Resignation" struggle is real and medical practices without a remote work option will face hiring an retention challenges. Whether you already have a remote work option or in the planning stages, now is the time to acclimate to virtual team management.

During this historic time of change, practice leaders can amplify their team management skills such as goal-setting, timelines, and accountability. Executive Coach/Consultant Dave Jakielo will guide you through examples specific to medical office remote work. You will explore remote and hybrid work management challenges, and learn ways to ensure your staff is staying productive and motivated even when they (and you) are out of sight. Learning points/objectives will include:

  • 10 things we have learned about working remotely
  • How to recruit new employees for remote positions
  • How to set and measure goals for remote workers
  • How to amplify the office culture when Zoom is your only tool
  • 5 responsibilities every manager must master