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Conquer Coding for Wound Repairs and Grafts

About this program

This webinar will discuss the current coding and trends for skin repairs performed by physicians to include lacerations and skin grafts, flaps, and substitutes. The codes involved can be found in the integumentary and musculoskeletal surgery sections of the CPT®. In today’s environment, technology continues to invent new methods for treating defects in the skin whether caused by injury or surgical procedure(s). CPT® codes are added and revised to meet the requirements of this new technology, while maintaining current techniques that are still effective. In reporting repairs there are specific guidelines for single vs. multiple lacerations and descriptions of the difference in the laceration complexities.

There are also specific guidelines for all types of grafts, whether they are grafts from the patient, grafts from others, or artificial grafts. Attendees will have a clear understanding of how to apply these codes to their real-life situations that involve skin closures by repair, grafting, or flaps.

  • Wound repairs involving sutures, staples, and adhesives
  • Skin grafting using autografts, allografts, xenografts
  • Different forms of tissue transfer for closure
  • Reporting of grafts using skin substitute
  • CPT® manual guidelines for wound repairs
  • New 2023 codes for suture removal
  • When to report preparation of a wound before grafting