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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies for the Healthcare Practice

About this program

Back by popular demand!

Today's heightened awareness of cultural diversity filters into all aspects of our lives, including the workplace. Awareness, inclusion, and equality are an important part of workplace training, and failure to take steps to address diversity can put your office at risk of unnecessary strife and could lead to a Civil Rights violation lawsuit.

Sign up for this 60-minute session taught by healthcare compliance expert Regina Mixon Bates and identify misinformation and potential violations before you are faced with a big problem. It will help you kick-start a conversation and develop protocols to improve workplace inclusion.

An investment in diversity training can create a competitive business by promoting a progressive, proactive atmosphere.

  • Learn ways to spark communication and set guidelines for reporting problems.
  • Differentiate diversity from inclusion – an important distinction in the process.
  • Adopt "fair chance hiring" protocols.

  • Discover how too modernize your communication practices.
  • Create initiatives that will foster a culture of belonging.
  • Achieve a competitive business advantage in our diverse society.
  • Learn what a broad view of diversity looks like.