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E/M Coding & Documentation Updates for 2023

About this program

E&M codes comprise a good portion of billing charges in the medical practice. Coders, managers, and providers who understand how to code appropriately reduce the risk of accusations of fraud and keep the practice financially viable. In 2021, E&M coding changes were implemented for the first time in 25 years.

2023 brings more changes to E&M coding for hospitals, emergency departments, nursing facilities and patients’ homes. Medical providers and reimbursement teams risk denials and non-compliance if they are not familiar with the new documentation guidelines. As an example: changes to the 2023 guidelines include deleting hospital observation codes CPT codes 99217 through 99220 and removing “domiciliary” or “rest home” as a setting for home care. This information is vital to clean claims submission and timely payment. Using outdated codes will result in denials and payment lags.

Attend this class for expert guidance on best practices for E/M coding in 2023. This is an information-rich session appropriate for anyone who uses Evaluation and Management codes. Providers, billing staff, and managers will find the information valuable as we navigate new E&M coding in 2023. Participants will learn how to:

  • bill based on time or medical decision-making
  • appropriately use the prolonged service codes
  • review the documentation requirements
  • choose the correct level of service based on medical decision making or time
  • navigate changes to the key components of history and exam and how to apply these elements to the new guidelines
  • understand medical decision-making guidelines, and how to apply them to the correct code