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Fatal Errors Managers Make

About this program

Back by Popular Demand. Rebroadcast of a PMI favorite.

Some Managers mistakenly think that because they have been given a title, that their team members will automatically become followers and respect their authority. Unfortunately, many find out that just is not true. Respect is something that must be earned. This session examines the 20 common mistakes many managers make that keeps them from becoming successful leaders.

Some examples of what leaders find out that is not necessarily true are:

  • Thinking you need to treat everyone the same.
  • It is easier just to do it themselves, rather than delegate.
  • You do not have to lead by example.
  • Feedback is too time consuming, and it is not important.

In this webinar you will learn not only how to create an environment that accelerates motivation but I will outline what you may be doing that demotivates employees.