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No Surprises Act: Legal Considerations for Providers

About this program

The new "No Surprises Act" has been in place for several months now. Its origins are painfully familiar to patients and providers alike. In a study conducted from 2010-2016, more than 40 percent of emergency department visits to in-network hospitals resulted in an out-of-network bill. States began passing laws or regulations to limit surprise and balance billing of out-of-network services. This uprising led to the national guidelines to regulate partial balance billing/surprise medical billing. There's a lot to sort through, says healthcare attorney Heidi Kocher. "No Surprises Act is like HIPAA - it's a floor, not a ceiling!" Heidi has served as a compliance officer and held positions in private practice and in a hospital system. She is well-versed in legal matters that pertain to healthcare and private medical practices.

Take this opportunity to learn your legal obligations and cautionary areas that you need to know. Medical practice compliance officers should plan to attend this informative session. This session will benefit medical office managers who are still navigating through the surprise billing guidelines that went into effect earlier this year. It’s also a good in-service lunch-and-learn training for your billing team. Learn important insights that will keep your billing practices compliant.


  • Federal independent dispute resolution process
  • Exceptions and exclusions
  • Patient notification requirements
  • Good faith estimate
  • Patient-Provider dispute resolution process