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About this program

Back by popular demand – join us for this rebroadcast of a PMI favorite.

Revenue Cycle Management simply means getting properly reimbursed for the quality of care and services rendered to your patients. Let's get down to the basics of the flow of revenue through your medical practice/clinic and improving the collection process. Maxine Collins will present a live, dynamic webinar for healthcare providers and practice leaders. The pandemic has forced healthcare to manage more risks.

How has the public health emergency impacted the business of healthcare in your office? This webinar will discuss how to deal with insurance companies more effectively, what effect has it had on the revenue cycle, and where do you go from here?

Join practice management expert and MBA/CPA, Maxine Collins, for a dynamic live webinar session for healthcare providers and practice leaders on optimizing revenue cycle management. The pandemic has challenged the survival of most businesses, and healthcare providers - by nature of their profession - have been forced to manage more risks than most other industries. Many medical offices have invested in technology and implemented or expanded telehealth services to continue to serve their patients and maintain a measure of profitability.

Maxine will share tips for successfully navigating fiscal fluctuations and identify potential opportunities for offsetting losses with new revenue streams, i.e., the addition of ancillary services. In all times, educating providers on coding changes, monitoring and updating fee schedules, managing patient responsibility, and establishing effective financial policies and procedures are critical for a healthy revenue cycle. Accurate data collection and timely reporting allow for better financial management decisions. Adapting processes to improve workflow and maximize efficiency will minimize expense. Leave no stone unturned in your effort to enhance revenue. Compliantly, bring in all the reimbursement your providers are rightfully due!

What you will learn in this session:

  • How to track and respond to denials and/or underpayments. Are there any opportunities to get some of their guidelines changed? If so, how? What are ways to effectively communicate with the carriers? Let's take a look at some methods that might work and increase reimbursement for your practice.
  • Address future challenges. We will unravel some of the main challenges and discuss possible ways to address each. NOTE: If you would like specific challenges addressed, please submit your questions to PMI no later than May 5.
  • Presenting the numbers: We'll look at what your physicians and other providers are interested in - that is always the bottom line. How can you improve this during COVID -19?
  • There is some good news and opportunities as well. We'll address these and other issues to monitor as we progress through 2021