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Preparing for the Expiration of the PHE



Shawntea Gordon


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12:00pm - 1:00pm



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About this program

When the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) expires, business as usual, some guidelines will expire while others may be modified or continued. Many of the final rulings CMS put in place this year were tied to the end of the PHE and are now under review. Medicare will resume revalidation processes, audits & medical reviews when the PHE expires or where there is evidence of potential fraud, waste or abuse. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Expert Taya, (Shawntea) Moheiser will help you evaluate current processes and explain how to get ready for the "new-new" normal.

CMS will be the guiding force on what guidelines and processes will expire and what will remain intact or see modifications once the PHE ends. Taya has been following it all along and will provide you with insight on what CMS plans to expire and what guidelines may remain after the expiration of the PHE. Telehealth workflows, as an example, is one area that could see changes.

Here are just a few points of many up-to-the-minute insights that will be covered:

  • How to take inventory of your office's current PHE guidelines
  • Review CMS early plans for this year's 2022 PFS Rule.
  • Review changing regulations against current practice policies and procedures.
  • Parity training guidance for staff hired before, during, and after the PHE expires.
  • New telehealth guidelines that may change once the PHE is expired.
  • Who to contact with specific questions on process, procedure, protocol, reimbursement, billing, etc.