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Understanding Payer Reimbursement Guidelines

About this program

The key to winning anything is understanding the rules of the game and it’s no different in healthcare. There are hundreds if not thousands of federal, state and commercial guidelines to abide by in order to achieve and maintain payer reimbursement and compliance. This is why your team must have a clear understanding of state and federal regulations and the ramifications that may arise when these guidelines are not followed.

This session will cover oversight bodies, relevant legislation, and policies that govern medical office reimbursement. Instructor Taya Gordon is a healthcare management consultant well-versed in practice management and healthcare quality improvement. She will cover several key points that will help participants improve their understanding of healthcare billing standards and the regulatory agencies that govern and monitor billing practices.

Key points that will be covered in this session:

  • Reimbursement guidelines (federal, state, and commercial)
  • Regulations that all medical billing entities must follow
  • Federal agencies that monitor healthcare standard practices
  • Policies that your practice must abide by for accurate payer reimbursement