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Tips and Techniques for Managing Denials

About this program

Learn how to efficiently manage claim denials. Join revenue cycle management expert, Taya Gordon, for this dynamic presentation and receive tips for improving the denial management workflow in your practice.

There are many reasons a claim may be denied. Be sure that you understand the terminology of denials, remittance codes, the role of charge capture, and the impact of taxonomy codes. Of course, the best method for managing denials is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The instructor will also discuss denial prevention goals and identify proactive processes that will help you optimize prevention methods and ensure your claims denial rate stays under control.

Be aware of the top reasons for claim denials and learn how to determine the value of a denial. Know your rights and responsibilities when appealing claim denials and how to effectively communicate with payers to reach claim resolution.


  • Non-payment vs denial of payment
  • MDM documentation
  • Supporting medical necessity
  • Modifiers and bundling
  • Coverage determinations and carrier guidelines