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Why Mobile Security Matters



Regina Mixon Bates


Webinar US




12:00pm - 1:00pm



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About this program

In today's work force, mobile devices are an essential productivity tool, not simply a communication tool. The increased amount of data available on the average smart phone, tablet, or wearable makes it a personal security risk. But when the mobile device is utilized to communicate with patients or to access/relay PHI to other providers, its value to criminals increases exponentially. Hacking health records for profit has become prevalent. Approximately 40% of the breaches involving 500 or more individuals reported to HHS have involved mobile devices.

The unauthorized disclosure of ePHI is a significant risk when using mobile devices because they are small, portable, and highly visible. If a patient has their medical records stolen due to your noncompliance with HIPAA or negligence with data security, you will have negatively impacted their life and your own practice's reputation. And then there is the devastating financial burden of a breach! The OCR has fined numerous healthcare organizations multi-million-dollar fines, and the true costs of breaches is much higher with notifications, legal fees and corrective actions required.

It has never been more critical that physicians and health care organizations create and implement information security policies to effectively manage mobile device security. Join Regina Mixon Bates for this 60 minute "Lunch and Learn" session and find out what policies and procedures should be in place in your practice to reduce the security risks associated with reliance on portable devices. Be aware of specific compliance issues and guidelines on ensuring proper controls, like storing unencrypted PHI, minimizing data collection, and archiving older data securely.

Train your staff and develop and implement policies that protect you and your patients from the consequences of a malware or phishing attack. Explore the benefits and risks of cloud storage. Identify simple solutions that help reduce the risks to your practice including:

  • Screen, passcode, and SIM locks
  • Erase media cards/factory reset of outdated devices
  • Remote wipe functionality to sanitize your device if lost
  • Security risks and penalties involved
  • Breach protocols
  • HIPAA Secured Telehealth and Messaging
  • Best practices to ensure proper controls
  • Portable devices - policies and procedures