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Total Access is a monthly subscription service offered by Practice Management Institute that entitles everyone in the practice to attend Live Webinars, approximately four per month, and gain access to all on-demand training sessions in the streaming TOTAL ACCESS Audio Library. The Audio Library offers a growing list of recorded topics to choose from.

Total Access Includes:

  • Live Weekly Webinars presented on selected weekdays from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. Central Time (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern)
  • PowerPoint presentation when available and speaker-listener interaction.
  • 24-hour access to the Audio Library with more than 180 topics and over 200+ hours of pre-recorded webinar topics.
  • The Learning Management System is an administrative tool that allows a manager to assign training topics to staff through the Total Access portal.

Total Access Purpose/Benefits:

  • Inexpensive, convenient way to develop staff knowledge without leaving the office to attend training classes
  • Multiple staff can participate via computer screen/projection with speaker sound connection or conference room speaker phone.
  • Physicians can participate in webinars along with staff
  • Great way to bring both experienced and new staff up-to-speed on current industry changes and updates.
  • Earn CEUs toward PMI Certification (1 - 1.5 CEUs per session)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Anyone in the practice can participate in the weekly Total Access Live Webinars via single connection line. Total Access subscribers receive one email invitation to register for each webinar 3-7 days prior to the event that includes a prompt to complete a short contact information form. Following this step, the subscriber will receive a confirmation email with the access codes and link for the webinar. To ensure receipt of the webinar invitations and access instructions, the subscriber should add [email protected] to their list of safe senders so that emails do not get bumped into a spam or junk folder.

What if I don't have access to the Internet at work?
The Total Access Live Webinar audio portion can be accessed using any phone line in the U.S. (one phone line per registered practice).
The Audio Library is accessible from any computer with Internet and sound capability, 24-hours a day, with the streaming link, username, and password provided in your Total Access order confirmation email. Most tablets and smartphones may also be utilized for streaming purposes.

When are the Webinars?
Total Access Live Webinars are typically broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the presenter's availability, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. Central Time (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern). Approximately four webinars per month are scheduled.

How long are the webinars?
TOTAL ACCESS Live Webinar presentations vary in time length from 60 � 90 minutes. Speakers may utilize the full webinar time to present with about 10 � 15 minutes afterwards for participant questions.

Can more than one person from my office join a webinar?
A conference room with the webinar presentation is recommended so more than one staff member can participate. However, you may also gather multiple people from the office around a single conference room speakerphone and computer to follow along during any Live Webinar.

Where can I find a list of upcoming webinar topics?
PMI's website has a current live webinar schedule. Go to the home page at, hover the mouse over the Training tab, click Live Online Classes and scroll down to review the list of upcoming topics.

How do CEUs work?
CEUs are available for PMI-certified professionals who attend the Live Webinars. Each webinar is worth either 1 or 1.5 CEUs. Certified professionals may earn up to 6 CEUs in a month's time for their participation in four webinars. That�s half of the CEUs required for annual certification renewal. This alone makes this product a tremendous value and convenience!

How do we earn CEUs for attending a webinar?
PMI will provide a custom CEU form via email to the attendee in which the registration is under. This form will be emailed within 24 hours following the session and may be distributed to all in the office that attended the webinar. PMI-credentialed participants should keep a copy with their CEU paperwork.

How do I ask a question during the webinar?
Every Live Webinar includes ample time to answer questions. All listening lines are muted during the presentation. The moderator will announce how to open for questions. For those who are viewing the presentation slides on the web (the "webinar portion") there is a feature that allows participants to "raise a hand.� This sends a signal to the moderator that a particular participant has a question. A chat feature also allows participants to type a question in the question box. The question can be viewed by the speaker and moderator. Questions will be answered at the discretion of the moderator and presenter as time permits.

What if my question is not addressed?
PMI�s presenters will make every effort to answer all questions during the time period allotted. Some questions might require more research or cannot be discussed in a public forum. If additional assistance is required, please email PMI directly after the session is over. Email can be sent to: [email protected]. Email should include the title of the webinar in the subject line.

What if I cannot attend all the Webinars or only want to attend one?
Monthly subscription fee includes access to one or all the Total Access Webinars. Credit/refunds cannot be issued for sessions not attended. However, the recorded webinars are made available in the Total Access Audio Library about 3 to 5 days after they are presented. Practice staff will continue to have access to the previously recorded webinar topics in the Total Access Audio Library during the subscription period.

Why would a webinar be canceled?
Rarely will a scheduled Total Access Webinar be canceled. If it is unavoidable, PMI will make every attempt to reschedule the topic as soon after the scheduled date as possible. An alternate topic may be scheduled.

I am not interested in any of the topics coming up this month. Each subscription includes more than 180 pre-recorded topics archived in the Total Access Audio Library. These convenient training sessions are accessible 24/7 on any computer with sound and internet capabilities.

TOTAL ACCESS Audio Library

What is the TOTAL ACCESS Audio Library?
This is an archive of previously recorded training topics. PMI currently has 180+ topics available. Each one is set up in a "streaming" format over the Internet. Participants can listen to the presentation as it was originally recorded and view the presentation slides on the Internet.

Is a pass code required to access the library?
Anyone from the practice can access the Total Access Audio Library using the username and password of the Account Holder login information that was assigned upon enrollment and is included in the payment confirmation email. Access to the library is provided for as long as the Total Access subscription remains current. Internet access and a computer with speakers are needed to access streaming format.

What if my practice restricts downloadable content from the Internet?
The streaming format does not require participants to download anything. When a topic is selected, both the presentation and the audio are accessible using an internet connection and capable device. Programs may be accessed as many times as needed during the subscription period.

How many CEUs can my staff earn for participation in the live webinars?
1 to 1.5 CEUs are awarded to all staff attending live webinars. Staff in attendance should have their supervisor sign off on the topic date and time and participants should keep this information with their CEU documentation.

How many CEUs can my staff earn for each topic in the Total Access Audio Library?
CEUs can be earned for topics that have been assigned and completed via the Total Access Learning Management System. That means that a manager assigns topics to a staff member via the Learning Management System and once the staff member has completed the topic and passed the accompanying quiz, a CEU confirmation email carrying 1 or 1.5 CEUs is sent to the participant who is responsible for keeping the certificate with CEU documentation.

How soon are the recorded versions available on the Total Access Audio Library?
Recordings are uploaded to the Total Access Audio Library usually within 3 to 5 days after the live session is presented. If you have been watching for a topic that has not been posted after a week, contact PMI to check the status of the upload.

TOTAL ACCESS Enrollment Questions

How much does TOTAL ACCESS cost?
Total Access is just $249 per month, a bargain considering the cost of individual webinars is between $49-$199. The Total Access live webinars are accessible to everyone in the practice. Even if the staff never attend a single live webinar, the value of having access to the Total Access Audio Library is worth the monthly fee several times over.

How do I register for TOTAL ACCESS?
Enrollment in Total Access must be completed online. Sign-up on the PMI website:, under the Training tab click the Total Access option, click the Subscribe button and follow the steps to enroll. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Can we mail you a check or can you bill me?
Unfortunately, PMI is unable to process checks as payment for Total Access enrollment because it is a month-to-month subcription. Only credit or debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) are accepted at this time. A receipt and email confirmation will be sent on the date of enrollment.

How does the month-to-month continuation/subscription work?
Payment is effective the day of enrollment and will automatically renew each month from the date of first enrollment. For example, if enrollment in Total Access begins on June 15, the payment is valid through July 14 and will renew on the July 15 for the next month, and so on.

Each payment gets me one more month of access?
Yes, payments are drafted automatically from the card that was originally used to subscribe to Total Access. The payment applies to the month directly following the payment.

TOTAL ACCESS Subscription Questions

Can I pick which months I want?
Unfortunately, no. It is a continuous subscription service. If the practice or individual enrolls on July 15 and calls to cancel on or before August 14 of the same year, the card will not be debited again.

Does it automatically renew from month-to-month or do I need to renew it?
The practice will continue to enjoy the benefits of Total Access training uninterrupted with no action required. No contract is required. Participant may cancel at anytime by emailing the PMI company inbox at [email protected]. Cancellations must be emailed at least 7 days before the renewal date.

When will my subscription expire?
Total Access automatically renews each month with no action required unless a cancellation is emailed.

Are there any additional fees associated with TOTAL ACCESS?
There are no additional fees unless you wish to upgrade from the standard 5-staff member access in the Learning Management System to a 10-staff member access for an additional $50 per month.

TOTAL ACCESS Cancellation

What if I am not satisfied?
PMI encourages participants to sit in on a few of the webinars and visit the Total Access Audio Training Library online to receive the full benefit of TOTAL ACCESS. If still not satisfied, email PMI to cancel subscription before the next billing cycle date.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Subscriber must send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: Total Access Cancellation. A customer service representative will contact the subscriber to confirm and complete the request.

What if I cancel mid-month?
If a cancellation is requested before the end of the billing cycle, the subscription will continue and then become inactive on the day that completes the billing cycle for that month.

If I cancel the subscription and then renew it later, how much is it per month?
The monthly subscription fee is $249. If the subscriber wishes to cancel and renew later, the subscriber must go through the enrollment process again and a new confirmation with new login information will be assigned.

TOTAL ACCESS Subscription Terms

TOTAL ACCESS is a monthly subscription service from PMI. Members are entitled to participate in the Total Access Live Webinars and receive unlimited access to the Total Access Audio Library consisting of more than 180+ topics relevant to medical office productivity. Total Access is a tremendous value and complete satisfaction is PMI�s mission.
Each month, the practice will continue to enjoy the benefits of ongoing training for the entire staff. The subscription begins the day of enrollment and will continue uninterrupted unless the practice calls to cancel.

Access to TOTAL ACCESS Live Webinars

Can I share my access code/link to the webinar meeting with anyone?
It is not advisable to share this information with anyone else. Only one phone line and web access is permitted per subscription. PMI recommends that the office manager keep this information private and shared only with the employee assigned to attend access the webinar.

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