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Certified staff is one of the best investments you can make for your practice's financial success.

Providers are working harder than ever to make ends meet and they need a skilled administrator to manage their business. Earning your certification enables you to communicate with improved confidence to guard the practice against risks, motivate employees and increase revenue. Demonstrate to physicians, auditors, compliance officers, employers and business associates that you have taken steps to attain advanced knowledge and skills.

Those who continue to expand their professional knowledge will have the edge in today's ever-changing health care climate. Each Certification curriculum and exam has passed a thorough review process, ensuring that the materials are current and accurate, and testing standards are strictly enforced. PMI's National Advisory Board and Faculty Team have real-world experience in all aspects of running a successful medical practice.

  • Certification is a currency that validates a person's commitment to the profession.
  • Certification provides a sense of personal achievement and employer confidence.
  • Certification helps to protect the practice's compliance efforts.
  • Physicians need educated staff with expert knowledge in handling the administrative side of their business.

Certified Medical Coder
Certified Medical Insurance Specialist
Certified Medical Office Manager
Certified Medical Compliance Officer
Benefits of Certification
Certification Resources
Certification Renewal
Hear what our certified professionals have to say.
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Live Classroom

Live classes are hosted by leading hospital, healthcare organizations, medical societies and colleges across the U.S.

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Live Webinar

Twelve 90-minute live webinar sessions.* Visit for live webinar dates. *Webinar attendance is encouraged but not required.

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Self-Paced Training

Start anytime with access to12 pre-recorded webinars. Get support while you learn via PMI's online Q&A Forum and the toll-free faculty help line.

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Exam Challenge

For those with proven coding skills and experience, an "Exam Only" option is available for $299 testing fee which includes a basic exam guide.

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