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Get direct access to practice management experts, no matter where you are.

TOTAL ACCESS subscription service gives you all of this:

  • Weekly Live Webinars where you can ask specific questions and get direct answers on a variety of current topics important to your practice
  • 24-hour access to the TOTAL ACCESS Audio Library with more than 200 hours of pre-recorded training sessions. Choose from 100+ topics targeted topics
  • A fast way to bring both experienced and new staff up-to-speed on current issues

Total Access Live Webinars

12/11/2018  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
Strategies for Successful Payer Contract Negotiations
Presented by Heidi Kocher
12/19/2018  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
Highlights of Medicare & Compliance Changes for 2019
Presented by Linda D'Spain
1/10/2019  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
Practice Management Update for 2019
Presented by Maxine Collins
1/30/2019  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
Coding & Billing for Pain Management Services in 2019
Presented by Maxine Collins
2/20/2019  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
Millennial Engagement and Retention Strategies
Presented by Tracy Taylor
3/21/2019  12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CT
E/M Chart Auditing Basics
Presented by Maxine Collins
5/8/2019  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
Prioritizing the Patient Experience
Presented by Tracy Taylor

Total Access Audio Library
Choose from:
ICD-10 Coding  | Other Coding  | Compliance | Management | Reimbursement
topics below.

Sample a topic below by clicking on the speaker graphic.


Avoid ICD-10 Denials for Medical Necessity
Coders and Clinicians: Communication and Documentation Improvement
Top 10 Billing and Coding Errors that cause Denials and Rejections
ICD-10-CM Coding for Gastroenterology
2015 Pediatric ICD -10 Coding for the General Pediatrician
ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for OB-GYN
Teaching Your Providers ICD-10
ICD-10 GEMS Conversion Tour of the AAFP Top 100 Codes
Auditing Surgical Charts with ICD-10 Criteria
ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for Orthopedics
ICD-10 Update and Implementation for Ophthalmology & Optometry

Other Coding

Coding for Infusions and Injections

CPT Code Updates: Effective January 1

Mastering Modifier Usage

Auditing Surgical Services

Prepare Now for Major Changes to E/M Coding

ICD-10-CM Code Updates - Effective October 1

Coding and Auditing Telemedicine Services

E/M Coding Strategies for Endocrinology- Helping Providers “Code by the Rules”

Risk Adjustment for Providers and Medical Coders

The ABCs of CPT Coding

Understanding the ICD-10-CM Guidelines
Modifiers That Raise Red Flags
2018 CPT Code Update
E M Auditing - Telling an Accurate Patient Story
HCC Coding and Its Impact on Your Revenue
45 Coding and Billing Concepts You Should Know
Modifiers - Tell It Like it Is
The Fundamentals of Medical Coding
Leveling EM Services in EHR
How to Reduce your Practice’s Denial Rates
The Importance of Correct Modifiers For Payment and Compliance
E/M Audit Issues Brought on by EHR Templates
Coding and Reimbursement Update 2017
Auditing Essentials for Compliant Billing Practices
Avoid ICD-10 Denials for Medical Necessity
Billing Compliance versus Coding Compliance
Conquer the Complexities of Coding for Chronic Conditions
Effective Use of Modifiers
Coders and Clinicians: Communication and Documentation Improvement
Top 10 Billing and Coding Errors that cause Denials and Rejections
Billing and Coding for Path and Lab Services
Medical Coding Basics
Diagnostic Coding Accuracy
CPT Coding Fundamentals
Correct Coding with Modifiers
ICD-10-CM Coding for Gastroenterology
2015 Pediatric ICD -10 Coding for the General Pediatrician
ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for OB-GYN
Teaching Your Providers ICD-10
ICD-10 GEMS Conversion Tour of the AAFP Top 100 Codes
Pain Management Coding and Reimbursement
Get Ready for ICD-10 - Document, Document, Document
Top Pediatric Coding Updates
ICD-10 Diagnosis Coding for Orthopedics
Modifiers: Common Misuses and Other Trouble Spots
E/M Coding with Confidence - What Providers Need to Know
Coding and Billing for Cardiology
ICD-10 Update and Implementation for Ophthalmology & Optometry


Active Shooter Response Preparedness

Moving from Passive Patients to Self Managed and Engaged

Create a Dynamic Work Environment to Improve Employee Retention

Check Your Own Stats - Practice Financial Well-being

Keys to Optimizing Your Revenue Cycle

Managing by Statistics

Top Areas to Improve your Revenue and Medical Office Cycle

Dealing with Difficult Team Members and Patients

13 Success Strategies for Today’s Healthcare Leader

Professional Use of Social Media in Your Practice

Optimizing Your Front Desk Operations

Policies and Procedures to Grow Your Practice

Medical Scribes: Documentation & Optimization

Prioritizing the Patient Experience
Be a Millennial Magnet - How to Attract, Manage and Engage this Workforce
Effective Patient Scheduling
Practice Management Update for 2018
Do You Run Your Practice or Does It Run You?
Millennial Retention Strategies for the Medical Practice
Practice Fitness Test - Use Data to Enhance Your Performance
Quality Data and Physician Compare
Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Planning - What if it Happens to Us?
FAQs - Medical Records Issues
Transforming Your Revenue Cycle for Success
Managing Value in a Fee-for-Service World
How To Be The Boss Of The Front Desk
QPP: Understanding MIPS and APMs
10 Steps to Financial Success in the Medical Office
Managing Challenging Patients and Staff
Pros and Cons of Billing Services
Copy/Paste - EHR Benefits and Risks
Achieving Success at the Front Desk- Impacting the Patient Experience
How to Use Social Media to Market Your Practice and Enhance Patient Relations
Meaningful Use Reporting Deadline March 13th
PCI Compliance - Securing Patient Data
Understanding the Current State of a Patient-Oriented Experience
Compliance Essentials - Initiating a Compliance Program in your Practice
Reducing Lost Charges and Payments in the Medical Practice
Human Resource Changes Which Could Impact Your Practice
Financial Management: Monitoring Your Practice Vital Signs
What Every Practice Needs to Know about MACRA - Prepare Now to Become a Data Driven Practice
Documentation Fundamentals
Are You Prepared to Comply with the New FLSA Requirements?
Collecting Every Dollar Due
Reasonable and Necessary Navigating Carrier Coverage
How to Hire, Grow and Keep a 5-Star Staff
Understanding Reimbursement for Non-Physician Extenders
Time Management 101 – How to get more done in less time
Employment and the Law in Texas
In House vs. Outsourced Billing
Maintaining an Effective Workforce: Hiring & Developing Talent
HCPCS Reimbursement Impacts the Bottom Line
Navigating Appeals and Billing Disputes
Scribes - Proper Training and Utilization
NCD - LCDs Medical Policies: How to Use Them to Get Paid
Medical Necessity of the Encounter
Working with Physician Extenders
Surgical Chart Auditing
Benchmarking in Your Practice
Auditing E/M Documentation
HIPAA Security Breaches - The Proactive Approach
Managing the Transition to a Facility Based Medical Practice
Telemedicine in 2016 and Beyond
The Satisfaction Factor: Positively Influence Patient Experience and Employee Performance
Auditing for Medical Necessity and Diagnosis Confirmation
The Importance of Front Desk Collections
Superior Skills for the Medical Front Office
Accountable Care Organizations – Is Joining One Good for Your Practice?
Medical Practices Need Annual Check-Ups Too
Discounts and Waivers - Do it Right and Stay Out of Trouble
Clinical Documentation Requirements for Primary Care
Quality and Cost - How They Impact Practices
Managing Multiple Generations
Telephone Etiquette: Vitally Important Yet Often Overlooked
Revenue & Profitability Management
Auditing Surgical Charts with ICD-10 Criteria
Marketing Your Practice on Social Media


A/R Management and Collections
Winning Carrier Denial Appeals
Billing and Reimbursement Guidelines for Non-Physician Practitioners
The ABN: Protecting Your Reimbursement
Getting a Grip on Accounts Receivable
Medicare Changes for 2018
Coding and Medicare Changes for 2018
Mastering Point-of-Service Patient Collections
Out-of-Network Billing
Payment Denials and Appeals Management
Proper Billing for Non-Physician Provider Services
Patient Collections - Strategies for Success
Maximizing a Healthy Revenue Cycle
Physician Quality Reporting and Meaningful Use Update
Insurance Credentialing, Contracting, and Loading
Blueprint to Improve Patient Collections
How to Find Money in Your Accounts Receivables
Navigating the Subtleties of Incident-To Billing Criteria
WHERE IS MY MONEY? Part 1: Increasing Revenue through Accurate Coding and Billing
Chronic Care Management: New Revenue Possibilities
Protect Revenue and Be Ready for ICD-10
Getting Paid -- Keeping a Pulse on Accounts Receivable
Patient and Payer Collections
Effective Collections Skills


Audit You Before They Do

Compliance Best Practices for Managing Cyber-related Risk

Effectively Responding to an Audit

Secure Patient Payments While Maintaining PCI Compliance

Documentation and Compliance Protocol for EM

HIPAA Compliance: What to learn from the mistakes of others

Top 10 Compliance Concerns for Medical Practices
Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Is this an Audit or an Investigation
HIPAA Security Essentials For Portable Devices
The OIG Work Plan - Will It Impact Your Medical Practice?
Medicare Audit Survival Kit
Looking at Security From 360 Degrees
The Role of Medical Necessity in Determining and E/M Visit
Medicare Exclusion: New OIG Rule Expands Exclusion Authority
Optimizing Compliance and Maximizing Revenue
Compliance and Ethics in the Medical Practice
Top Compliance Concerns for Medical Coding and Billing Staff
OSHA Updates - Compliance and Safety in Your Medical Office
Does HIPAA Satisfy Meaningful Use Requirements
Defensive Documentation

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